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This gorgeous & cheeky pup was brought into Nowzad in the Summer of the evacuation - it was not long before he stole the heart of his future Mum. This is their story….

When I first saw Huey he was a scared little dog curled up and frightened of everything.  Now look at him.  Routine, patience, time and a lot of love and he’s turned into a handsome boy gaining in confidence every day.  He’s so cheeky.  His nickname is chewy Huey as he is very good at stealing things and chewing them up. But that’s just what being a pup at heart is all about. He makes us laugh every day.  Thank you Pen for saving him and giving him the chance to become this lovely boy who has settled into our home so well.

Huey really has landed firmly on all his paws. A special thank you to his Mum for giving him the best life a dog could ever dream of. Life could not get any better.