Adopting A Nowzad Rescue



Hera Hera

Hera had been adopted by British Soldiers in Southern Afghanistan who had sadly found her being used as a football by some local children.  They politely took Hera (named after the Greek Goddess of Women) from the children and transported her back to base where they nursed her back to health. Immediately they realised that they could not leave her behind so they contacted Nowzad and an appeal was launched in the Scottish Sun newspaper to support raising the funds required to get transport Hera to Scotland.

Amazingly the funds were raised in a matter of days.

Next came the hard part though, Hera was being looked after deep in Southern Afghanistan in an area where there was still a lot of Taliban activity so sending our driver south was not an option for this rescue. However; there are always other options and after some touch and go co-ordination with other agencies we were able to have Hera transported to our shelter in Kabul.

Hera was successfully released from quarantine to live out her days in Scotland with the soldier who first found her. 

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