Adopting A Nowzad Rescue


Kandy & Junior

Kandy & Junior Kandy & Junior

Kandy was a young pup who was found when probably around about 6 weeks old, rummaging through a rubbish tip in Kandahar looking for scraps of food. Luckily for the starving pup the contractor took her back to his compound and cleaned her up as she was severely malnourished and very sick.

She became an instant hit with the British lads working in the compound and especially with the lad who found her. We soon received a call from the contractor’s partner here in the UK to ask if we could help!

Junior was ‘adopted’ in a nearby compound close to where Kandy was found. Although Kandy was so young herself she took no time in adopting the homeless young Junior (hence the name) much to the amusement of the lads.

The lads reckoned that Junior has one of the saddest faces they have ever seen on a dog. Junior loved to play with her adopted mum and soak up the attention from the hardened military contractors around her.

Both dogs safely made the journey to live in the UK thanks to the support of the Nowzad family. 

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