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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue


Henry & Anthony

Henry & Anthony

Nowzad first ever cat rescue!

One morning the English contractors woke to hear a constant meowing coming from outside their front door. There they found a tiny skinny black kitten with an injured back leg that he could not use.

Although he was weak with starvation he was very noisy and insisted that somebody would take notice.

The contractors could not get close enough to him to check out his leg but what they could see was a large lump just above his paw.

Within minutes he had a tin of tuna which he gobbled up, and before the female contractor knew it a second little kitten appeared much smaller than Anthony with barely enough strength to look up, he could only eat a teaspoon of tuna.

Within a couple of weeks of tempting them with treats, they could get close enough to see Anthony’s injury which looked like a hard boney lump. Coming from a nation of animal lovers it was with a good diet and lots of TLC that he started walking on his injured leg.


The contractors have no doubt that if the two cats hadn’t come to them that morning they would have defiantly died.

The cats had absolutely no trust in humans at all; it took eight long weeks to get them to trust the contractors.

In the dark days out in Afghanistan those two little kittens did wonders for morale. Their characters are amazing, Anthony is very demanding whereas Henry is cute- with a butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth type of attitude.

Henry is still much smaller than Anthony and is unable to meow, all he can manage is a little squeak and he has not developed as well as Anthony this is probably due to the malnutrition in the early weeks of his life.

With the caring support of those English contractors working in horrendous conditions out in Afghanistan and the backup of Nowzad Dogs these two cats made it to the south coast of England to live out their lives on a farm.    

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