Adopting A Nowzad Rescue



Kilo Kilo

In 2009 Kilo was named after the British Army unit that found her wandering as a pup on Camp Souter, an Army base in Helmand Province, southern Afghanistan.


For the soldiers who took turns in looking out for Kilo she was their five minutes of normality and positive precious moments during a difficult and prolonged time away from family and friends. Kilo would sleep in their accommodation hidden from the powers that be as keeping a stray dog was clearly against the rules.


When their tour of duty was up one of the female soldiers knew that Kilo would not survive on her own with the soldiers gone. Thankfully the soldier’s family in Stoke had heard of Nowzad and together we were able to bring Kilo to the UK and quarantine. It nearly all went wrong though, the day we organised to collect Kilo from the Army base to bring her to Kabul Kilo decided to hide. Thankfully though after a hastily put together search operation Kilo was safely transported to our clinic.

Kilo’s UK family is now dedicated to supporting Nowzad achieve even more in Afghanistan and make a difference for the dogs left behind that do not have anyone to look out for them. Kilo even opened a dog show here in the UK in 2010!

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