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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue




During our first lockdown we received a call from the US embassy here in Kabul, they had found a dog wandering the grounds with a severe trauma wound to one of her eyes.
Our team was dispatched and a rather ragged looking dog arrived at the Nowzad clinic.
Sadly, the injury to the eye was too severe for us to be able to treat and she became a one eyed dog.

Apart from bumping into the office furniture from time to time (Madhuri as she was named after a favourite Indian actress of the Nowzad staff), soon settled into life as our office dog and companion to long term disabled resident Dakota.  
We had never known such a cuddly loving dog here at the Nowzad clinic. When it was time for her to travel to the US, there were a few sad faces at the clinic; we truly miss her in the Nowzad office but super happy that Madhuri has found her forever home.

From Casey; Madhuri’s forever adopter; ‘The pretty Madhuri is doing amazing! She has settled in with our other two (dogs) and is officially part of the pack. She now sleeps in the bed with the rest of us, loves car rides, and her favourite activity is visiting to play with my parents 10wk old puppy! She’s taken tons of new experiences in stride and we are so proud of her’.

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