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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue


Lily & Tulsi

Lily & Tulsi Lily & Tulsi Lily & Tulsi

Tied to a Tree outside the clinic during July 2019; Lily was found by our team as they came to work one morning. The frightened young pup need not worry. Soon safely inside our clinic, young Lily (named after a supporter’s dog) was processed through our health check routine and the first of her vaccinations against rabies and other diseases. Paired with Tulsi already residing at the Nowzad dog shelter, they soon became inseparable.
Which is why we were so happy to hear from Tracy and the news she wanted to adopt both of them!! Both dogs are now enjoying the fresh air of the English countryside and their first English snow! Tracy & Dan had this to say; "The girls have been here for four months now. When they first arrived Lily seemed to always be digging - we think she had an escape plan!  She must feel at home now as she has stopped her tunnelling. She loves to run around the garden with her ball, dropping it at just the right time to bounce it off the wall for her to chase again - think Dan is disappointed to be left out of the game!

They are both into the weekly routine of sitting in the home office with us Mon-Fri and at around 16.30 start telling us it's time to pack up which roughly translates as "where's our dinner?".

Tulsi makes us laugh when she goes into stealth mode - silently sneaking up and whipping away a piece of paper or letter, ripping it into inch squares before you even know it's gone!
Lily on the other hand is not silent or selective, any piece of paper will do, which she tries to eat before we can grab it back.

At bedtime, no matter where Tulsi is she gets up and positions herself between the stairs and the front door 'on guard' - this is just the same as our girl Royal used to do.  Lily though is more than happy to have claimed the sofa in the kitchen as hers.

In the garden they chase and run with each other, but Tulsi is always first to leave and get back to what a dog likes best - snoozing!  Lily on the other hand, is now our resident ornithologist. She will sit contentedly in the middle of the garden listening and watching the birds, often mesmerized by their singing - she must think it's especially for her. Tulsi is definitely the grown-up, but Lils bless her, is still the puppy and needs to be told to have a nap in the afternoon and not get over-tired.

They are both adorable and have come a long way in 4 months.  We still have lots to see, learn and adjust to together, but we are now very much a family of four.   Thank-you to all the Nowzad family!

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