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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue


Special boy Senator – our miracle survivor!

Special boy Senator – our miracle survivor! Special boy Senator – our miracle survivor! Special boy Senator – our miracle survivor!

*Please note that some may find the content of this story distressing*

One day towards the end of 2019 we received a call from a distressed Afghan local who had seen a dog with severe abdominal injuries by the side of the road in Kabul.

When we got to the area in which the kind Afghan told us about, we soon found the dog, and were horrified at what we saw.
The poor dog was just curled up by the side of the road waiting to die.
He had one of the biggest wounds we’d ever seen on a dog – that spanned the entire length of his torso, and as it had been that way for some time, was badly infected. To add to his woes, the muscles around his scapula (shoulder bones) had also separated, meaning that he was unable to put any weight on his front legs.
As the dog was in a state of severe shock and exhaustion, Basir was easily able to scoop him up and gently place him into the back of our waiting vehicle.

Once back at the Nowzad clinic, we operated on him immediately to close the wound, it was a long and difficult process but our expert veterinarians worked meticulously to save him.

We also gave him a name ‘Senator’ as he was found on Senatoriam Street, and we felt it an appropriate choice for this strong and resilient dog.
With a lot of TLC, rehabilitation and daily dressing changes, as well as a lot of attention from his rescuer Basir, Senator pulled through.
As Senator is extremely friendly towards humans, we believe at some point he was owned as his ears and tails had been cut off, so we can only guess that his previous owners dumped him by the side of the road, maybe oblivious to his lack of road sense.
Now, Senator has recovered enough for us to consider finding him a forever home!
If you think you can open up your heart and home to this deserving boy, please write to our UK office address or email here
To donate to Senator’s care please visit our donation page here Thank you

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