Adopting A Nowzad Rescue


Rommel and Blitz

Rommel and Blitz Rommel and Blitz Rommel and Blitz

Rommel and Blitz were rescued by American soldiers after their mother and siblings had been sadly killed. 
Both tiny puppies were just a few weeks old and they desperately needed all the help they could get to survive, so the dedicated soldiers rallied to save them.

Against the odds, the two puppies grew into healthy young dogs.
Disaster struck when Rommel was hit by a vehicle and broke his leg. 
The soldiers contacted Guardians of Rescue and Rachels Rescue, who contacted us to assist the soldiers in Afghanistan.

We were able to quickly get the dogs to the clinic. Upon arrival we discovered that Rommel had broken his leg very badly and needed a very complex surgery called Femoral Head Ostectomy to fix it. 
In short, we needed to remove the ball joint from the top of his leg and then allow time to take over and muscle to form and hold his leg in place.

Dr Mohammad from Mayhew International and Dr Susan Chadima performed the surgery on Rommel with great success. He was soon back on his feet and using his damaged leg.

A few months passed and the dogs were funded. Following rehabilitation at the Nowzad clinic, Rommel was healthy enough to travel, we arranged their transport to the USA and were soon reunited with their soldier.
A great team effort by all involved!

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