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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue



Whitey Whitey

In August 2014 we got a frantic call from a contractor working at ISAF in Kabul about a young dog that had been hit by a car and had broken her back legs. 
He brought her into the Nowzad clinic and begged us to help her.
The poor puppy was only about 6 months old, she had been born outside the ISAF entrance and she had become very popular with the local children in the area who were completely traumatized after witnessing the accident.

It was considered that the kindest thing to do might be to euthanized the dog, but the contractor and children begged us not to. The very complicated task of trying to save her commenced. 
The first thing we needed to do was get her pain under control, then she was put under anaesthesia and x-rays were taken.
The x-rays confirmed our fears that her left femur and right tibia were broken. 
We knew that we were unable to save her left leg and were uncertain that we would be able to save the right leg too.
We decided that the kindest thing to do in the meantime was amputate her left leg.

Whitey showed resilience in her recovery from her amputation and she coped well with us treating her infections during this time.

Whitey continued to improve, but unfortunately her right leg didn’t. Nonetheless, this ever-resilient girl spent her time hopping around the clinic.
We decided to contact Jim at DogWheels for advice on whether a wheelchair could help her. 
Jim swiftly produced a custom-made wheelchair for her and it was sent to Kabul.

Whitey took instantly to her chair and within days she was racing around the clinic every bit as fast as she could have done on four legs! 
Her original rescuer asked us if we would send her to Germany to a friend of his who would then take care of her until she found a new family.

In January 2015 Whitey flew to Germany to her foster home and within just two weeks she had found a forever family. 
This sweet girl really did defy all odds and thanks to the Nowzad family and all involved in her recovery, she is now living life to the full in Anhang, Germany.

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