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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue


Shola & Gus

Shola & Gus Shola & Gus

Shola was first found on the streets of Afghanistan by an ex-pat probably just a few days after Shola had been hit by a car, the result being a broken leg. Thankfully the ex-pat immediately took the dog to Nowzad where the break was fortunately easily treated and Shola soon recovered after a lot of TLC.

Shola was a very sociable dog and shortly after she arrived with us at the Nowzad clinic her owner dropped in to see here and decided there and then it would be nice to adopt another dog so Shola would have company once back in England!

After just a few minutes a lovely dog who had no name had chosen Shola and the ex-pat to be his new family. His new name became Augustus (Gus for short). Shola and Gus hit it off immediately with Gus being the shy one but Shola soon took him under her wing and became his protector!

In 2010 both dogs travelled to the UK before undertaking their 6 months in quarantine. Both dogs went on to live with the ex-pat who had adopted them both in Kabul.

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