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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue



Pash Pash

Pash was saved by a British Firefighter who was working on a base in Kabul training Afghan Firefighters.

He and his siblings had been born on the base and one by one his siblings sadly disappeared, but Pash remained.  
One day he showed up with what appeared to be a dislocated shoulder and wounds from being attacked by another cat, sadly he was still very feral at this stage and no one could catch him to help him.
As the winter went on he got thinner and thinner and there was concern that he would perish.  
Thankfully as he grew weaker he also got easier to become close to and he eventually began to trust the British firefighter.

In Jan 2015 Pash was brought over to the Nowzad clinic where he recuperated and received some much needed medical treatment and care. Soon, he was ready to go to his forever home in the UK with the firefighter who saved him.

In June 2015 Pash went home and was reunited with his saviour from Kabul.

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