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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue



Lunch Lunch

Lunch was a street dog who happily waited outside a US military base in Central Afghanistan for a particular group of soldiers who came into the area a couple of times a week and gave him lots of love and treats.

Pen was in Kabul when we received the request to rescue Lunch, it was not going to be easy due to Lunch not actually being on the base!  A plan was made and Pen arranged to drive to the area that Lunch was normally to be found and meet with the soldiers to catch him and bring him back to the shelter.

Thankfully Lunch kept to his normal routine and was sitting waiting when Pen and the soldiers arrived and within a few hours he was enjoying his first meal at the Nowzad clinic.

Lunch eventually flew home to his soldier just a day or 2 after his soldier arrived home from Afghanistan in July 2013.

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