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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue



Spot Spot Spot

Spot was born and raised in Southern Afghanistan where US Marines had found him with his ears and tail cut off along with a few minor injuries that were easily treated. With lots of TLC Spot made a full recovery and grew into a lovely adult dog who protected his Marines.

We were contacted by his soldier, Kevin when it was coming close to his deployment ending. Kevin did not want to leave such a loyal and faithful dog behind; he owed Spot who had helped Kevin deal with an incredibly tough deployment.

After some precision planning Spot was collected and driven to the Nowzad shelter.  On arrival he appeared to be perfectly healthy and well-adjusted so he was microchipped and vaccinated and then placed into an isolation area so we could monitor him before introducing him to new dogs.  A few weeks later we were preparing to neuter Spot when we found a lump in his groin.  At the time Dr Chadima (a visiting vet from America) was working with us at the shelter so she operated and removed a golf ball size mass from Spot’s groin.  Spot recovered well from his surgery and in July 2012 we were able to send him home to await the arrival of Kevin as his deployment ended. 

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