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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue



Gus Gus

An interpreter who worked at Camp Bastion in Helmand Province rescued a female dog while in the Fharad area of Afghanistan. Unknowingly the dog was pregnant and gave birth to 3 pups.  One of the pups was already adopted and brought back to the states during an earlier Nowzad rescue.  But unfortunately, one of the other pups was accidentally run over by a truck and the mother was put to sleep by animal control thinking she was a loose dog on the base.

“Gus” was the last puppy left on camp Bastion.  In July 2010, 2 American Naval officers were stationed at Camp Callero in Bastion took notice and befriended Gus.  Interaction with Gus became a sought after time to forget about the stress of the deployment, Gus would wag his tail continually when the Navy lads arrived armed with treats and affection. Gus was fed and looked after and the soldiers used their ‘dog’ time to de-stress for five minutes.
Again military policy changed and Gus was no longer welcome to stay on the base. But thankfully for Gus one of the naval officers decided to adopt Gus and with the support of Nowzad transport Gus to the US. 

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