Adopting A Nowzad Rescue



IL76 IL76

IL76 story is an unusual one to say the least. IL76 started her life in Dubai and at around 10 days old she stowed away on a flight from Dubai to Afghanistan!

The crew that were unloading the cargo from the plane in Afghanistan got a real shock when they came across a tiny kitten of around 10 days old but they immediately took her in and started to care for her. At that age it is difficult to feed and keep a kitten alive; especially in a country like Afghanistan.

Despite this the crew that found her persevered and made a bottle for her and started feeding her with milk and to everyone’s surprise she responded well and day by day she grew stronger.

She eventually earned the name of IL76 after the aircraft’s call sign that she had stowed away on. One of those who first found her decided to adopt IL76 and so asked Nowzad for help. 

Originally IL76 was destined to be shipped to the Philippines but her owner moved to Papua New Guinea and unfortunately because of the strict quarantine regulations it was proving all but impossible to send her to PNG.

So in March 2012 after IL76 had been with us for a year we were able to find her a new forever home in the USA with a lovely lady who had a cat we rescued from Iraq a few years ago.  We quickly made arrangements for flights and IL76 flew to America where she found herself a new name; Mickey.

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