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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue



Beethoven Beethoven

On only the second day in country while walking to work an American soldier noticed a rather large dog following slowly behind. Not sure what to make of the dog and fearing the worst she was reassured by a co-worker “Oh, its ok, that’s Beethoven, he always walks us to work.”

Still nervous and continually looking back, watching him the soldier realised that the dog Beethoven had slowed down. It was like the dog understood the soldier was nervous. He was just a gentle giant.

Nowzad had already been to the camp to neuter Beethoven and give him his vaccinations and all the soldiers thought that Beethoven would see out his time as the daily escort for the morning commute, but sadly a change in policy meant that Beethoven was no longer allowed to stay.

As his soldier says, ‘This is one of the most amazing dogs I have ever met. So, if possible I would love to have him as a part of my family back in South Carolina. I know I was not sent to Afghanistan to help dogs, but unless some divine intervention tells me otherwise, maybe I was!”

Beethoven was sent to the USA to be reunited with his soldier on 16 Nov 2011 as part of Operation American Reunite.

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