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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue


Cristo & Pablo

Cristo & Pablo Cristo & Pablo

Cristo and Pablo’s owner asked Nowzad for help in February 2011.  Cristo and Pablo were another 2 cats that enjoyed a fairly safe existence living in an aircraft hangar on a US base but their adopted soldier wanted to give them a better life and bring them back to the USA.

At the end of Feb 2011 we had arranged for Cristo and Pablo to come to the Nowzad shelter but on the very morning they were due to arrive we took a phone call from the soldier to tell us that only Cristo was coming as Pablo had been run over or suffered a crush injury that morning and he did not think he would make it.  We immediately said that Pablo must come too and our vet team would do everything they could to save him.

When Cristo and Pablo arrived Cristo was quickly placed into his cat house and our attention turned to Pablo who by this point was unable to move and was in severe shock.  Pablo was given pain relief, fluids and antibiotics and we were told that all we could do from there was wait.

That night Pablo gave us hope when he ate a meal.  He was unable to stand or walk so he was placed gently on a bed with his food and every couple of hours through the night he was turned over. After a couple of days Pablo perked up he still couldn’t walk.  It was established that he had not broken his back but it was very possible his pelvis was broken or very badly bruised.  3 weeks of intensive care followed and eventually Pablo attempted to stand up.  At first he was very wobbly and fell over a lot, but each day he became stronger until he was finally able to run around with relative ease.

He continued to improve and although he still walks with a slight wobble he has no problems at all.

Eventually Pablo and Cristo were reunited and stayed together until the end of May at the Nowzad shelter before we were able to send them to the USA.

Cristo and Pablo now live in the USA where they have their own room and spend their days causing chaos in the house!  Both cats have been neutered and Pablo was given a clean bill of health.

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