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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue



Dutch Dutch

This is the story of Dutch who found by a British contractor in Afghanistan in a por state of health attempting to fend for himself in the harsh surroundings of Afghanistan.  
Cam (the contractor) took Dutch into his home and all was going well until Dutch fell ill with distemper. Sadly at the time Cam did not know about Nowzad and our veterinary facility so Cam attempted to do what he could for the very poorly dog.

Thankfully Cam did the right things and Dutch recovered although he has been left with some neurological damage which has left him a bit clumsy and he looks like he is chewing gum all the time!

When Cam found out about Nowzad he was extremely relieved to find out that there was a possibility of moving Dutch to the US (where Cam actually lives). It was touch and go at times for Dutch but he finally made the journey to his forever in 2010.

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