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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue


Sabot & Trigger

Sabot & Trigger Sabot & Trigger

Sabot and Trigger came to our attention during early 2010. Both dogs had been given a once in a lifetime lucky break when noticed by a passing American patrol. The soldiers had watched dumbstruck as the two dogs had been thrown on to a trash pile by local Afghans. Out of compassion and a sense of doing what’s right – the US soldiers scooped them up and unofficially adopted them.

As the soldiers said ‘Being able to play with them and watch them wrestle with each other was our little break from the stress of serving in Afghanistan and a great way to remember back home’

The soldiers also found a great practical use for the two dogs – other non-too friendly strays would wander too close for comfort to the lads observation post, so as Sabot & Trigger grew into full size dogs, not only were they fantastic pals but they would chase away the unwanted strays and became a well needed early warning system at night.

Nowzad was asked to help get the pair of them to the US – which after a fantastic funding raising effort was achieved in record time.

Sabot is now living in San Antio and Trigger is all the way over on the west coast of the US in Seattle.

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