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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue




A Canadian soldier was tasked with taking the garbage out to the trash – not knowing that it would change his life forever. There amongst the rubbish in the waste pit he could see a little puff of fur trying to find tiny scraps of meat to eat from a rotting chicken bone that had been tossed away.

Without hesitation the soldier knew he had to do something for this stray cat. It took weeks of gentle coaxing with pieces of his left over meals until one day the cat that he had now named Jody, finally let him gentle stroke her behind the ear. Jody suddenly realised what she had been missing and her quest for human affection began.

Jody was a fussy cat – although having only recently led a life of scavenging for food she was particular about what she now ate as a pampered soldier’s pet cat. Vienna Sausages were her favourite – fish was not!

The Canadian soldier was extremely concerned that when he left Jody would not be able to fend for herself anymore as he had already had to fix her up after being severely savaged by other stray cats on the base and as he says in his own words; ” She (Jody) has been there for me a couple times when I was not feeling my best. I just wanted to be alone one day and just felt so empty from being away from my loved ones for so long when JODY came out of her house, jumped into my lap and looked into my eyes as if to say, “Hey, I am here for you.”

Nowzad was asked by the soldier’s family to assist in transporting Jody away from the base and to the Afghan shelter before onwards to Canada.

Nowzad are extremely happy to say that Jody is now living in Newfoundland, Canada with the soldier who first took pity on her in the trash can.

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