Vet Training


Here at the Nowzad shelter and clinic we pride ourselves on being able to provide some of the best medical care currently available for animals in Afghanistan.

We employ 1 full time vet and 2 part time vets (one of whom is probably the first female vet in Afghanistan) who have all completed 5 years of training at Kabul University. To ensure that they are kept up to date with modern medicine and techniques, several times a year, guest western vets volunteer their time to come to Kabul and work alongside our vets in the Nowzad clinic.

Special thanks must go out to Mayhew International who have very kindly funded the trips of Dr Mohammad Zai to the Nowzad clinic to assist with training. The experience that is gained by our vets and Louise is invaluable and has enabled us to ensure that unless there is a valid medical reason not to, that all cats and dogs are neutered/spayed on arrival at the shelter. Dr Mohammad Zai and our very own Dr Hadi have performed together operations such as a much needed leg amputation for a cat and dog as well as complex dental surgeries.  Dr Mohammad Zai has laid a very solid foundation for Dr Hadi to continue delivering the best practice found in the Nowzad clinic that we pride ourselves on. Not only has Mayhew International provided us with first class training but have also provided Nowzad with equipment that is not widely available in Afghanistan.

Nowzad will continue to work with Mayhew International in the future and help to bring education and experience to Afghan Vets.

A huge thank you must also go out to Dr Susan Chadima of Androscoggin Animal Hospital in Maine.  Dr Chadima regularly spends a whole month in Afghanistan working with our Nowzad vets to further their education.  Particular cases to note are the cases of Blue Boy who came in with the worst case of Sarcoptic Mange we had ever seen and thanks to the dedication of Dr Chadima and the Nowzad vet team he made a full recovery and is now living in Canada.  We also can’t forget Asal who was brought in after being run over.  Asal made a full recovery but she also stole Dr Chadima’s heart and now lives in Maine with her.  Dr Chadima and the Androcoggin Animal Hospital have provided Nowzad with much needed equipment and the experience she has brought to the clinic has saved many lives.

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