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New pictures of the recent homecomings and new arrivals

With less than a week left until Christmas the rescues are still coming in thick and fast and we have seen the arrival of Nikita and Spirit at the Nowzad Rescue Centre in the last week.

Spirit and Nikita have come from the same base as the Gimpy Gang and both were in danger of being killed on the base so we once again jumped into action and they are now at the safety of the rescue centre where they are now making themselves at home until it is time to send them to the USA to their soldiers.



We also love to keep you updated on the rescues that have made it home and below are some great pics of some of the recent UK and USA arrivals settling in at home.





Chemo & Tricks







Gimpy Gang







Lucy playing in the snow.

Ally is still enjoying herself at the rescue centre, she is best friends with Maggie the mad Labrador.


Ally & Maggie

Best Friends


Christmas is Coming!!

Christmas is approaching and we would like to now take the opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us through what has been an incredible year.  We are busier than ever before and this year we have performed more rescues than ever before and they continue to come in thick and fast but we simply could not do this without you supporting us.

All the staff and dogs, cats and donkeys at Nowzad would like to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

We have also received this fab Christmas picture from Dutch who was one of our rescues this year ! Please do upload pictures of your four legged friends to the Nowzad Pals Page, we love to see pictures of everyone’s pets.

Merry Christmas from DUTCH

Geoff and Ann Strike Again!!!

Geoff and Ann attended a Concert at RAF Cranwell given by the Band of the RAF College. Although they didn’t collect much as people went in to the concert or the interval they were very generous in giving donations as they left. (It did help when an Officer suggested a couple of ATC stand by the exit doors with buckets to collect small change!)  They raised another staggering amount of £368.30p. Nowzad Dogs would like to thank the Station Commander of RAF Cranwell for allowing them to collect, also Mr Tony Crossman the organiser for putting us forward to the committee but a special thank you goes to Junior Technician Cara Palmer who instigated Geoff and Ann’s attendance.

A special thanks also goes out to Carla Cross who took part in the Challenge Scotland Edinburgh Christmas Walk on 5 Dec in aid of Nowzad.  Carlas is still collecting her sponsorship money but we think she has raised around £300.  WELL DONE CARLA!!!

Please do contact us if you have a fundraising idea!!

Reunions and More Rescues!

It has been as busy as ever since our last update and in the last few weeks we have seen Chemo, Tricks, Libby, BLT, Kujo and Calliou all make it home to the USA and Canada and they are all now in the process of being reunited with their soldiers.

We have seen the arrival of Ally who was adopted by a contractor in a remote area of Afghanistan, Ally is a quiet young girl who desperately wants to go home to her soldier so we are working hard to get her home to the USA as soon as we can.

We have also taken in Maggie this last week, Maggies owner is currently in the middle of a move and has asked us to take care of her for a while until he has his new accommodation sorted out.  Maggie will go back to her owner shortly but she will definitely be a Nowzad Rescue when her owner decides he is going home to the USA!

We still have several other rescues in the pipeline and the requests are still coming in thick and fast so please do keep checking back on the website and Nowzad Facebook page for further updates.

As you may be aware we are also caring for a couple of donkeys up at the Nowzad Rescue Centre and on a recent visit Louise went for a walk with the donkeys and almost had her coffee stolen by one of them!!

Our Fantastic Supporters!

Geoff and Ann have braved the freezing weather to raise money for Nowzad again, at the Grantham Xmas Market – the temperature did manage to rise to a staggering zero degrees!! They were ably assisted by Tracey, Laura, Liz, Tom. Kayleigh, Ruth & Howard which meant everybody had an opportunity to escape from the stall manning duties to warm up at some point!  With their Nowzad merchandise, Tombola and a Kiddies Xmas lucky dip on the go and sheer enthusiasm to make a difference for the animals of Afghanistan they managed to raise a whopping £378.04. Fantastic stuff from this superb fund raising team!

If you think you can help by holding an event please contact us.

K9 Crew write and perform a song for Nowzad!

The K9 Crew are a group of young people from East Cambridgeshire who are regularly involved in projects and activities with the K9Project. They have been involved in fundraising activities and are raising money for Canine Partners and Nowzad dogs.

They decided to do something different and make a song to celebrate the relationship between dogs and man, as well as to highlight the large numbers of dogs who are abandoned in this country.

This was quite brave as none of them had ever sung in front of anyone else before and had certainly not made a record.

They wrote the lyrics in one afternoon after watching films about Nowzad Dogs, assistance dogs, and abandoned dogs.

Proceeds from the song (available as a cd with 4 page booklet or online) will be for Nowzad Dogs and Canine Partners.

Please follow the Just Giving link below in order to listen to the song and order your copy on CD or MP3

Kujo and Calliou made it home

After such a sad week we are really pleased to be able to tell you that Kujo and Calliou made it home.

Kujo had been rescued by USMC in Southern Afghan and it really was touch and go as to whether we would be able to get to him in time.  He is now making himself known with his new family in the USA.

Please check out Kujo’s blog page here for pictures and further updates.

Kujo also made the news in the USA, please watch the fantastic video news report here

Calliou the cat also made the long trip home to Canada safely and her owner reports she is doing well.  We are hope to see new pictures of Calliou enjoying herself in Canada very soon.

We have also received a very touching tribute from a supporter in recognition of how the Nowzad Charity came to be and would like to thank WB for the wonderful poem below.

In a foreign land, far, far away,
Begins the life of an Afghan stray.
Abused by many and tossed away,
Until a soldier appears to save the day.
Not wishing to be a hero, just to do his duty
Til fate brought him to that furry beauty.
Sickened by the site of the cruelness of man,
He started to think and came up with a plan.
In this war torn country, the pups brought such peace,
We must get them to safety so their suffering will cease.
So NOWZAD was formed with a HOPE and a PRAYER,
He would never leave an animal to die over there.
Many believers started to join in the cause,
Doing it for love, not fame or applause.
Many a cat and dog have been saved,
Because these heroes are so brave.
Thank you, NOWZAD, for making that choice
To fight for those who have no voice.

We also want to say Thank You to James Wellbeloved this week.  JWB have sent us a whole pile of dog treats to keep the dogs happy, so alongside all the treats and toys our wonderful supporters have been sending in the dogs and cats are having a grand old time right now!!!

Updates on some old faces and some new….

We do everything we can to bring you updates on how the rescues are getting on and we are pleased to be able to give you updates on some older rescues as well as some newer ones this week!

Remember Anthony & Henry?  They were Nowzad’s first ever cats!  They went to live in the UK and after their 6 months in quarantine they moved to their owners home where they are currently living like kings.  Henry and Anthony are both very active cats and they cause their fair share of trouble and thievery at home!  Recently Anthony decided to go on an adventure when he jumped into the local mail van and ended up in a village where he had no idea where he was.  He was taken in and cared for by a lovely lady who subsequently took him to the vets and thanks to his microchip he was reunited with his owner.


What is it with cats and boxes???


Xena (or Hoodrat as she has become known!) made it home more recently and is making herself more than at home in the USA.  Xena had a close shave when she got sick on her base but Nowzad managed to get to her and after some intensive care she pulled through and is now discovering the delights of the USA.


Catching a quick snooze

Who are you???

We all remember the sweet little pup known as Connie….Well Connie is now not such a small girl, she has turned into a rather large girl but is still just as sweet and loveable as she ever was.  Connie is loving life on her owners farm in the USA and is quite happy just lazing around on the furniture and taking a swim in the lakes surrounding the farm.

Time for a Swim

Maybe they won't see the mud!

Connie & her friend Pete

All American Girl!


Sidney and Watty were rescued in a very poor state quite a way back now.  Sidney is actually an Afghan Hound although you would not have know it back when he first came to us.  After completing their time in quarantine in the UK Sidney and Watty finally joined their owner at home and now they love nothing more than spending their days romping on the beach.  Take a look at them now, Sidney now really does look like the Afghan Hound he really is!

Relaxing on the Beach



Daisy was rescued early in 2010.  She was rescued in memory of a lovely little pup called Sal who sadly did not make it.  After suffering a broken foot due to a weakness in her bones Daisy went home to a whole host of new brothers and sisters and is currently living the good life in the USA.


RIP Target

On 15 November 2010, Nowzad learned the tragic news that one of our rescues, a beautiful girl called ‘Target’ had been the victim of a terrible mistake that had resulted in her death.  Target had managed to escape from her owners home and had been picked up and taken to a local animal shelter, her owner managed to track her down and arrived at the shelter only to find that there had been a tragic mistake and Target had actually been euthanized.

We felt we could not let Target pass from this life without recognition of the sacrifices she made in her life so please take the time to read the tribute, written by Anna,  to this beautiful dog below.

RIP Target