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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue


Bear Cat

Bear Cat Bear Cat

“We adopted Bear, a most handsome, black cat from Nowzad almost 3 years ago.
I guess we could be called 2nd hand adopters because Bear was originally destined for another home. The fundraising had been done and Bear arrived in the UK to start his new life. Unfortunately, Bear did not get along too well with the other cats already living in the house, so reluctantly his new family decided that Bear would be better placed in another home.

Nowzad, stepped in again and this is what is just great about Nowzad, they took the cat back under their wing and began to search for another home for him.
We were asked, if we could help by collecting Bear, as we lived closest to where Bear was and as supporters of Nowzad we were always willing to help where we could. Nowzad do not have kennels or cattery in the UK so we had agreed to find a suitable cattery for Bear, until a new home was found but on collecting this little beauty, we knew that he had already found a home with us.

It was the weekend, so initially we agreed with Nowzad that we would take him home to see how we got on with him.

Bear seemed to make himself at home right away. A quick dash to the pet store for some supplies and Bear became our cat.

Bear lives as an indoor cat. He now has his own cattery in our garden for some safe outdoor space and he enjoys our bed and the top of his cat tree most of all when he is indoors. He has a harness and enjoys a walk around the rest of the garden, while he is wearing it, or sitting with us if we are outdoors. He is a loving companion and a much loved friend.

The whole experience in adopting from Nowzad was fantastic. We had support every step of the way and the best part of all is to know that Nowzad really do care for these animals and they do everything that they can to ensure that the right home is found for them………. And if it doesn’t work out, they are still on hand to help.

Thank you Nowzad for going the extra mile.”

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