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Even without the large scale funding we need Nowzad is determined to prevent the unwanted dog and cat populations to be born on to the harsh streets of Kabul.

We are implementing a humane trap – neuter – vaccinate – return program in three districts of Kabul and thanks to your amazing support we still freely vaccinate all cats and dogs for rabies that visit the Nowzad clinic.

For our Afghan vet team this is one of the proudest and most important aspects of their job. And we are so proud to say we were awarded with the 2017 World Rabies Day Award in the Asian organisation category.  Please read the full details of the award here.

Our team take pride in neutering, spaying and vaccinating daily. Every dog or cat we fix means less unwanted dogs and cats roaming the streets of Kabul left to suffer a short life dodging starvation, cruelty and disease. 

We are still very much involved with humanely controlling the stray cats at the US and UK embassies and the Coalition Headquarters in Kabul and often receive a message to let us know that one of our humane traps has caught another ‘volunteer’ for our neutering scheme!

It is often a happy ending for the captured cats as once returned they are more than likely befriended by one of the embassy staffers and find themselves being transported to their new forever home either in the UK or USA.

A feral female cat can, in just a few, years give birth to over 30 kittens if not spayed. That is 30 kittens who could then have kittens of their own. Your generous support can make all the difference. Please donate TODAY so that we can fight the spread of rabies and control humanely the stray cat and dog populations in Kabul. Thank you.

Your donation will make a difference