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The Nowzad interns for 2021

The Nowzad intern programme has been running for 3 years now here at our clinic in Kabul. We are truly grateful to the amazing supporters and team at the 353 charity who donated a truly astonishing £10,800 towards training for 2021.

Not only does this allow us to support the full time training (8am until 4pm for six days per week) of two veterinary interns for the duration of their programme, but also continue offering our practical hands on training for up to 50 veterinary students from Kabul university and 50 from Kabul veterinary institute, who attend our clinic 2 times per week for a 12-week duration during the summer months.

That number of eager students coming through our gates presents some logistical challenges but allows us to support these students with practical training they otherwise would miss out on.
Watching a young 4th vet student meet a dog for the first time is a pretty intense experience, most are nervous, some truly afraid. But to see their face change as they realise the dog is eager for human attention and our dogs know how to sit, is truly something to smile about. Real time education and awareness at its best.

Our two full time interns are now around a month into their time at the Nowzad clinic where this month we are concentrating on animal welfare awareness and patient care;


Dr Zahra, graduated from Kabul University two years ago. Growing up in Ghazni province in Afghanistan, she was just a young girl when she took care of a dog that had been involved in a car accident that had suffered minor injuries.
Sadly, her parent’s religious beliefs did not align with compassion for animals and Zahra was punished for helping the dog by not being allowed to touch anything for 14 days. An all too often belief that dogs are unclean and dirty due to certain religious teachings.

Unfazed by the potential resistance of her family, a young Zahra decided to become someone who would stop violence against animals. Though she did not yet know the term ‘veterinary’ she became interested in helping to rescue animals in need.

As she progressed through her schooling she soon learnt that becoming a veterinarian was the field that she had been dreaming of.

Today as an intern at Nowzad, she is in her element; each day presents her with new lessons and experiences with the many cases we see of injury, illness and neglect. Dr Zahra is flourishing in her chosen career.

In her free time, she enjoys cooking, hiking with friends and reading.  Dr Zahra is particularly proud that she can financially offer to support her family especially as a young woman in Afghanistan.

The big question you all want to know; is she a cat or dog person?

‘I am a cat person but I love dogs as well’ and of course that is the correct answer!!

Dr Abdul Mobin Samadi was born in 1996 and is actually from Kabul. He had a special interest in animals from a young age; often he was found sharing his food with them.
After graduating from school and taking the entrance exam, his decided to study towards becoming a veterinarian. Dr Mobin worked hard and graduated university with flying colours.

Dr Mobin says; ‘I want to be a good veterinarian for pre-determined goals. My first goal is to help those animals that are most vulnerable in Afghan society, especially dogs and cats.  Secondly, I am very interested in small animals (cat and dogs) because they are really sweet and compassionate.  I want to teach people, especially children, about animal welfare and being kind to them in appropriate ways. That's why I want to be a veterinarian’.

We do not know a better reason than that!

Dr Mobin is still pursuing his thirst for knowledge, continuing to study outside of the intern program provided at Nowzad. However, it is not all work and no play, as he still plays football with his friends, being a fan of Real Madrid.

The million-dollar question is answered. Dr Mobin is a dog person!

The Nowzad interns for 2021 The Nowzad interns for 2021 The Nowzad interns for 2021

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