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We couldn’t think of a better time to share the rescue story of this gorgeous girl with you!

Earlier in the year Pen and Mujtaba were on their way to the shelter when a stray dog in the most horrendous condition ran in front of the Nowzad van.
They could see that she was suffering badly with severe leishmaniasis, so immediately stopped to carry out a rescue. What followed was a 2 hour pursuit through the narrow alleys in stifling heat to finally trap a malnourished and terrified dog. But Mujtaba and Pen finally managed to carefully scoop her up and take her back to the safety of the Nowzad clinic without causing her further distress.

Due to the seriousness of her condition, treatment for this sweet girl has taken lots of time and TLC, she was also extremely weary of us and it broke our hearts to treat her broken and painful skin whilst trying to reassure her that we were helping her.
Thanks to the gentle and expert care of our Veterinary team, Gift soon started to heal inside as well as out and her trust in people is starting to restore along with her beautiful fur.
Naming her was easy – not only has she been a gift to us all at Nowzad, when our Veterinarian’s opened up the microchip package to chip her, they found a company gift card in it!

This is the difference your donation makes, your involvement truly does save lives.
We are so thankful to the amazing Nowzad Family for your generous support, and for giving us the most precious Gift of all. Please continue to help other dogs and cats just like our Gift by giving a 'gift' of your own this Christmas by donating to Nowzad - thank you. 

Gift Gift Gift

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