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New rescue Zabit


Meet Zabit ~ please note that some may find his story distressing.

We found Zabit (which means ‘Sergeant’ in Dari) at a Military Camp in Afghanistan during a TNVR drive. 

We instantly realised that he had a traumatic injury to his face, so we brought him straight into our clinic for treatment.

Upon closer inspection we found the injury a lot worse than we originally suspected..... we found a bullet entry and exit wound.

Zabit had been shot in the face and left to die.

The exit wound was badly infected and infested with maggots. Sadly he’d been suffering for weeks.

We operated on him immediately, cleaning out the wound and sealing it. Sadly his jaw was full of fragmented bone and had been badly broken. He was also seriously anaemia and found moving for too long a struggle.

Zabit must have been in agony for some time, eating and fending for himself was near impossible. His days were most certainly numbered. With our care, lots of TLC and medical treatment, he is starting to recover, gain energy and his gorgeous personally is coming through as he gains our trust.

Soon, we will be looking for a loving forever home for him.

If you are interested in giving Zabit home and love that he so deserves, please contact us here

Now, surrounded by kindness he will be in a sanctuary from the war around him. He will never have to face the horrors of being shot at or abused ever again.

This is the difference your support makes.

To donate to Zabit’s care please click on this link

From us all at Nowzad... and Zabit, thank you 🙏🏼

New rescue Zabit

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