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Will you help ease the pain and suffering of working donkeys in Afghanistan today?

Sadly, many of these animals are desperately overworked and woefully under cared for. Some have grotesquely overgrown hooves that mean they are in agony with every step they take. Others have infected wounds or illnesses that go untreated for months or even years. Then, when the day comes when these poor animals can no longer cope with the punishing workloads, many are abandoned and left to die of neglect or starvation.

These poor beasts of burden need to be worked more considerately and looked after with greater understanding. And they need easier access to free veterinary care. This is what the Nowzad team is working tirelessly to provide here in Kabul right now. And that’s why I’m writing to you today to ask for your help.

Your gift will help provide immediate treatment, relief and safety for hundreds of donkeys working in Afghanistan 

You might think that the suffering of these donkeys, mules and horses is the result of uncaring owners, but that’s not always the case. Many owners simply haven’t been taught how to work their animals safely, what loads they can carry comfortably, or how to care for them responsibly. So the sad truth is that most of these poor animals suffer due to a lack of knowledge rather than a lack of concern.

Your gift of £10 or whatever amount you feel able to give, will help provide the education and guidance to local owners of working donkeys, mules and horses so that they can start improving their animal’s working conditions and wellbeing right away. Your donation will also help provide expert veterinary care to working equines that are sick or in pain. And it will help to keep open the first ever equine sanctuary near Kabul where a more of the animals that can no longer work can live out their lives in peace, comfort and safety.

Every pound you give will immediately be worth double the amount – and do twice as much good

That’s because our friends at the Olsen Animal Trust (OAT) in the UK have kindly pledged up to £5,000 in matched-funding to this fundraising appeal. This means your donation will be matched pound for pound, dollar for dollar by OAT to make your gift go twice as far in relieving the pain and suffering of working animals in Afghanistan. 

Your donation today will help to:

  • Train existing Nowzad Afghan veterinarians in equine medicine and large animal surgical operations
  • Recruit and train two Afghan farriers to improve the comfort of working animals and relieve any pain from neglected hooves
  • Fund Pop-up welfare clinics throughout the capital city of Kabul, to educate local Afghan muleteers about how to take care of their animal’s nutritional and healthcare needs, and the importance of not overworking them
    Replace outdated, crude and painful cart harnesses with brand new padded ones. These will be properly fitted by our team to ensure they are comfortable for the working animals. Old harnesses will be burnt to prevent their reuse
  • Record details of history of animal ownership and working patterns. All animals that pass through our workshops will be vaccinated and given a health card

The impact that your donation will have on the donkeys, mules and horses that we are able to treat and care for in Kabul will be immediate and lasting. It will mean that fewer of these animals will be overworked and under cared for. It will help ensure that many more working equines get regular health checks, veterinary treatment and vaccinations. And it will mean that fewer of these sad beasts of burden that are no longer able to earn their keep will be left on the scrapyard to die of loneliness and starvation.  

This is what your compassion and generosity has the power to do, so please make your donation today by clicking here

To find out more about Nowzad and the work that we do to relieve the suffering of working equines, stray dogs, cats and all other animals in need of care and attention in Afghanistan, visit: www.nowzad.com

Thank you so much for caring enough to choose to make such a real difference to the lives of thousands of working donkeys, mules and horses in Afghanistan.

Yours sincerely


Pen F

Founder of the Nowzad Charity

PS – right now, in Kabul, thousands of donkeys, mules and horses are at risk of dying from overwork, neglect, starvation and disease. Your donation of £10 will help fund educational programmes, veterinary care, and a safe sanctuary for more working equines. Please donate oday by clicking here

Thanks to £5,000 in matched-funding for our friends at OAT, your donation will be worth double. Please donate today. 

Will you help ease the pain and suffering of working donkeys in Afghanistan today?

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