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The Nowzad 2018 Poppy is launched!

In the theatre of war there are many forgotten victims – least of all the animals.

From the valiant horses and mules who carried medical supplies, food, water and ammunition in the trenches, to the intrepid messenger pigeons and the gas detecting canaries. Animals have always been a courageous and esteemed comrade to man in times of war.

Operating in Afghanistan, the Nowzad charity knows only too well how human conflict can cause so much pain to a creature who’s only fault is to be born in the wrong place. It is a grueling life for an animal in a war zone and often the struggle to merely survive is lost.

We will honour them all.  

Through remembering the fallen we can make a difference to the future. We will change the course of animal welfare in war zones that desperately need Nowzad’s help and support, providing education in the local communities and vital medical assistance.

By reuniting those animals that have given our soldiers much needed companionship during the horrors of a tour of duty. Cats and dogs like Nowzad, the original stray dog that adopted Pen.

This year, wear your Nowzad Poppy with pride alongside your British Legion poppy and honour the animals of war, who had no choice but to be there.

The Nowzad poppy badge is an elegant 28mm solid metal pin badge that is polished gold in colour. The unique 3 leafed poppy design with a white dog paw at the centre is a fitting tribute to the forgotten animals of war.

Following the limited edition poppy released in 2015; we will annually issue a new poppy depicting the year, making it a fabulous collector’s item. Buy your 2018 Nowzad Poppy today here from the Nowzad online shop and be the difference for an animal in Afghanistan.

The Nowzad 2018 Poppy is launched!

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