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Queen Anne rescued from Syria

Introducing our first ever rescue from Syria!!

Queen Anne’s Solder Saviour says; 'During my time in Syria we stumbled upon Queen Anne. This little puppy’s mother was killed by some locals and was lost in the desert by herself. 
She had no one else to take care of her. When we got her she was malnourished and matted with dirt. 
At first she was afraid of us, she would cower and whine. But, very quickly she became one of us. I took her in and cleaned her up. A few baths and a lot of love later she started to do everything with me eat, sleep, even stand by on guard sometimes. 
She opened up to all of us and became the playful pup she is today. Playing tug-of-war I want to save her from the same horrible fate her mother faced and bring her home with me to a family who is already in love with her.'

Nowzad is pleased to say that Queen Anne is currently safe at an affiliate rescue in Jordan. Once we have raised the funds required to get her freedom flight to her forever home she will be on her way to be reunited with her soldier!

Queen Anne rescued from Syria Queen Anne rescued from Syria

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