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A Note from Pen….

How you can make an even bigger difference

Can you imagine how hard it is to ask people you have mostly never met, to donate towards rescuing an animal they will never meet?

As the Founder of Nowzad, I still find it really difficult, but I’m sure you’ll understand why I have to ask you to help a little more?

Nowzad is making a difference in Afghanistan for animal welfare because of you.

Your generous support has been vital. It has enabled us to build the first ever dog shelter in Afghanistan. This was quickly followed by a fully functioning small animal clinic and then at the end of last year, the Nowzad donkey sanctuary.

But the effort to provide animal welfare in Afghanistan, that you are an important part of, needs to grow and achieve even more. And it can’t do that without your donations.

Without your continued support we won’t be there for the next animal that needs life-saving medical treatment, or shelter from the war zone.

Making a difference for the dogs, cats, donkeys and other animals of Afghanistan is a passion we both share. I get my inspiration from our generous supporters like you. By supporting Nowzad, you have helped create a shining beacon of hope and life for the animals of Afghanistan where there was once only darkness and despair. And it doesn’t end there…

I am so delighted to bring you the news that Nowzad has carried out our first ever rescue from the deadly battle zone of SYRIA.

Please say hello to ‘Queen Anne’ - the luckiest pup in Syria. She was saved by her Soldier Saviours and is en route to be reunited with him in the USA.

Our donkey sanctuary is already gaining new residents, who you’ll meet later. But, for now, let’s just say the sanctuary is more than just a home for rescued donkeys!

I know you care passionately about the plight of the animals here in Afghanistan and other war zones, so please continue to give them and us your support.

Your donation, whatever the amount, is vital. You may choose to set up a standing order for a regular monthly donation to Nowzad as having a dependable income to our charity makes a huge difference to the way we can plan, budget and resource for the animals that desperately need our help. 

I never think my simple ‘Thank you’ is enough. So please rest assured we are all so very grateful for the amazing and generous support you give to Nowzad. To donate today please click here

All the best,


A Note from Pen….

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