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⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ 

Please be aware that the following information may be extremely distressing to some.

We have thought long and hard about whether to share the following rescue with you, our Nowzad Family.

We have always done our utmost to be open and honest in all aspects of our work and we feel it is as important to share our lows with you as much as the highs and have decided that this should be no exception.

Today, has been one of the most heartbreaking days the Nowzad Team have ever had. 

This morning a dog was brought in by a distraught local man who had found him in the street. 

The dog was only about five months old, but had been through more than anyone could bear in a lifetime. 

His injuries were extensive, his ears and tail had been cut off and he had been shot with a pedal gun in the head numerous times, one of the bullets had exited his mouth and had broken his teeth in the process. 

On top of this, he had also been attacked by other feral dogs.

The local man was desperate for us to make the little dog better and offered up a home to him there and then if we could.

Our veterinary team immediately set to work on the poor dog, but sadly an x-ray revealed that his neck had been broken into pieces and found his shoulder riddled with bullets.

We gave the dog a name ‘Maz’, short for ‘Mazloom’ and did the kindest thing we could and free him of his pain and put him to sleep.

We are telling Maz’s story in honour of the resilience of this little dog who deserved so much more in his short life, in honour of the compassion of the Afghan man who desperately tried to help him, in honour of our dedicated Afghan team who battled to make this dog better any way they could, and in honour of the Nowzad Family, who enabled us to give this poor puppy a dignified ending surrounded by people who care, instead of alone and in pain on the streets of Kabul.

We never want to have a day like this again and with the Nowzad Family by our side, we will continue to always be there no matter what, to fight for every Maz out there, who without us, would have no one.


Maz Maz

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