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Nowzad Afghan Women Artisans For Animals

The initiative is going from strength to strength allowing the amazing Nowzad Family the chance to not only help the animals of Afghanistan, but the people too…

In many traditional families in Afghanistan it is still unacceptable for women to work. So often, when a man dies, is incapacitated, or is unable to work for any reason, the women are forced on to the streets to beg. 
Kabul roadsides are scattered with these desperate women with no other choice but to plead for money from kind-hearted strangers to enable them to feed their family.

Nowzad continues to work to change that with our scheme called ‘Afghan Women Artisans For Animals’, that is has employed up to five women in a safe and enjoyable environment, to produce beautiful and bespoke handicrafts for you to buy. The women we employ receive a fair wage and any profit made on these products go towards the Nowzad shelter and Clinic in Afghanistan. 
Meet the ladies behind the products!


Sohaila is just 24 years old and has been married for 7 years. Sohaila has three sons and is now pregnant, expecting a girl. 
She is extremely intelligent and has a high school diploma, but was sadly unable to continue her beloved studies when she married. 

She loves the creative freedom and independence that working in Nowzad’s AWAFA scheme gives her and is proud to support her family. 


 Marzia is 23 years old. Unfortunately, Marzia never went to school as her family situation wouldn’t permit her to. Her father sadly died when she was young and since she was the eldest of her family, she was responsible to go out to work and bring food home.   

She enjoys working outside her home and is extremely independent, she is not interested in getting married any time soon and thanks to AWAFA she doesn’t need to worry about finding a man to support her or her family.

Support Sohaila and Marzia as well as save animals as all proceeds from our AWAFA scheme go towards funding our shelter and clinic in Afghanistan.
Check out our beautiful range of lovingly made ‘Afghan Womens Artisans for Animals’ products on our online store today by clicking here

Nowzad Afghan Women Artisans For Animals Nowzad Afghan Women Artisans For Animals

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