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Nowzad sponsored dog walk is an exciting event happening across the globe over the month of Nowztember (September 2020!)
We have set the challenge of attempting to collectively walk the same amount of miles as it is from the UK to the town of ‘Now Zad’ in Afghanistan where our charity’s story began. (You can read all about how the Nowzad charity started by reading 'One Dog at a Time') A whooping total of over 3,000 miles! 

All the money raised from this event will go directly to the care of the animals at the Nowzad shelter in Kabul with no voice but ours.

Everyone can get involved and take part and the distance you choose to walk can be totally up to you.

Wherever it is safe to walk, take your dog or choose to take part with family and friends or make a day of it and get the whole community safely involved, the choice is yours!

Every penny raised, however big or small, helps us continue our vital work in Afghanistan.

For just £20 in the UK or $30 in the USA; the registration fee includes for each person who signs up to take part in the sponsored walk, a ‘Walk 2 Nowzad’ t-shirt, sponsorship forms (which are optional just in case you want to raise even more vital funds for the Nowzad shelter) and a whole lot of satisfaction that you are making a difference.

The team at Nowzad will also be on hand to offer support and answer any questions you may have in the build up to your sponsored walk. If you would like to take part in the sponsored walk on your own or to organise one in your local area; then please click here to email Hannah for an entry form.

The sponsored dog walk is open to everyone, including people without dogs, so if you have any friends or family who might like to take part please let them know about the event!

So get your walking shoes on, dog leads at the ready and make a difference for the strays of Afghanistan. Let’s see how many miles we can walk together and in how many different countries!

All T-shirts will be sent out during the Month of August

If you are walking on your own along a familiar weekly jaunt, then no problem but if you are intending to arrange a group walk here are some handy pointers!

  1. Consider the implications for social distancing and then pick a start point with plenty of parking – ask a local café or pub if it is ok to act as a meeting point for the walk
  2. Check the route is dog friendly (Look for dog passable fences and gates) and it is legal and safe for you to walk your dog there.
  3. How miles do you intend to do? Could the oldest owner and their pooch make the distance?
  4. Think about escape points – if somebody could not complete the walk would it be a fairly simple process to have them picked up or retrace their steps back to the start point?
  5. Are there poop bins along the way? Or do you need to carry poop bags?
  6. Practise the walk for real! Did you encounter any problems?
  7. Advertise your walk in local businesses and use Facebook or Twitter (use #walk2nowzad) inform your local paper!
  8. Think about creating a special email address just for this event ie colchesterwalk2nowzad@gmail.com
  9. Decide upon your group walk2nowzad name
  10. Send out registration forms.

The day of the walk:

  1. Get there early to set up
  2. Bring face masks and hand sanitizer if necessary
  3. Bring some dog bowls and water for those who have forgot to come prepared
  4. Bring a supply of poop bags and a simple doggie / human first aid kit
  5. Make sure your phone or camera is fully charged!
  6. Enjoy the walk – count all participants out (make sure you have a contact number for everybody) and count them all back in again!
  7. Take at least one group photo in your Nowzad Tee-shirts and send to us here at Nowzad – please use social media as much as you can! #walk2nowzad
  8. Invite the local paper to come along – they will love it!

Sadly; Nowzad cannot offer insurance for your walk. We are also unable to provide collection tins unless they are statically placed in a shop or on a bar counter for example. Most councils will require you to apply for permission to collect money during an event like this.

Thank you so much for your amazing support – this does mean a lot to the animals here at Nowzad.

Walk2Nowzad Walk2Nowzad

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