Adopting A Nowzad Rescue


Betty White

Betty White Betty White

Betty White was rescued by US Marines in Kabul in September 2014 after they had witnessed the tiny pup suffering from abuse. 
The kindly took her back to their base where they gave her a bath, some food and a lot of much needed TLC.
The Marines soon brought her to the Nowzad shelter where she received medical care whilst the group of soldiers decided which one of them would give her a home. 
Two of them in particular were desperate to give her a home, but of course Betty White could only go to one. Amazingly, one of the kind soldiers agreed that he would give a home to another puppy (Benson) who was desperate for a home, the puppy happened to be the same age and looked similar to Betty White so two puppies ended up going to loving homes – it was the best result that we could have hoped for!

Both Betty White and Benson are now happily living with their US Marines in the USA.

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