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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue


Sheba & Family

Sheba & Family Sheba & Family Sheba & Family

Sheba was born and raised on a base in Western Afghanistan.  Lack of facilities in the area meant that Sheba could not be spayed and she soon became pregnant and eventually gave birth to 7 healthy pups.  The soldiers gave up their rations to ensure that Sheba got extra food to help her feed her huge family.

The soldiers knew that they could not leave Sheba and her pups behind when they left so they contacted Guardians of Rescue and we were in turn contacted by them.  The plan for the rescue was put in place and Sheba and her pups all flew to Kabul over 2 days where they were settled into the Nowzad shelter and the huge task of fundraising began. Whilst with us Sheba and her pups all received their vaccinations and were spayed/neutered and in August 2013 Pen and Hannah escorted the whole gang to America for a home coming party with their US soldiers.

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