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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue


SSgt Garfield

SSgt Garfield

Ssgt Garfield is one lucky cat from Southern Afghanistan who had spent his life being cared for by American and Canadian Soldiers.  His story from his adopted soldier below;

“Ssgt Garfield has lived on the Regional Command South compound in Kandahar, Afghanistan for at least 2 1/2 years. I heard about Garfield when I arrived in Kandahar and I was thrilled to meet him. At the time he was being cared for by a woman in the British Royal Air Force and an American civilian.
I believe Garfield was named by a gentlemen in the Canadian Army, after the cartoon Garfield. Garfield quickly falls in love with humans and has provided morale support for troops from more than a half a dozen countries. He has a daily round at RC South where he goes from office to office announcing his arrival with a loud “meow.” The people in the office quickly open the door to let him in. He often has a snack, will enjoy a quick rub down and takes a nap in his chair (he has a chair in several offices). Garfield’s distinct voice, humorous personality, and loving disposition make just about anyone love him. After my first deployment I wanted so badly to take him home with me, however he was providing so much love to the troops, it felt wrong to take him away.
Before I left, Garfield was actually enlisted in the American Army as a working cat. Much like working dogs, he was given a rank, duties and veterinary care. Staff Sergeant Garfield was to kill mice, prevent snakes from coming to RC South, and provide morale support to the soldiers. He did all of his jobs with excellence. On my second deployment I had the opportunity to visit Garfield in RC South where he was doing exceptionally well and was loved by a new group of soldiers and civilians. It is my understanding that SSG Garfield is claimed by over four dozen individuals.
Until recently he has been protected on base by his rank and his love, however he has recently been in danger of extermination due to a rabies breakout. In spite of having his shots, leadership thought it best to exterminate all of the animals on base to include our Garfield. We are all so grateful to Nowzad for helping us rescue SSgt Garfield and bring him home.”

SSgt Garfield arrived at the Nowzad shelter in August 2011 and in September 2011 he was sent home to America and reunited with the soldier.

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