Adopting A Nowzad Rescue


Soji & Karma

Soji & Karma Soji & Karma Soji & Karma

Soji was found in a pile of rubbish by her soldier in February 2011.  She was thin and not in the best of health until a US soldier took pity on her. With left over MREs (the military ration packs) plentiful Soji was soon putting on weight but the soldier knew he had to have her vaccinated to prevent disease and there was always there ever looming threat of Soji being forcefully removed under the no feral policy.

At the same time there was also another soldier on the base looking after a young pup called Karma. Both soldiers teamed up to have the pups transported to Nowzad for their vaccinations and to be cared for while we fundraised to help get the dogs to the USA.

Karma had to stay with us at Nowzad slightly longer than Soji due to her young age but thanks to the amazing support of the Nowzad family both dogs successfully arrived in the US to start their new lives. 

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