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Soldier Rescues


Who rescued who?

Often when brave men and women were serving in a war zone they would find themselves adopting one of the many stray dogs or cats that are struggling to survive there alongside them.

These soldiers are not only a salvation for the animal; the dog or cat are often described as 'lifelines' to their soldier, providing a respite from war, a moment of peace, home and love.

When the soldier's tour of duty came to an end, it was unthinkable to leave their four legged comrade that they've bonded with, behind. Could you?

This is where we stepped in... as now with the US and coalition troops leaving Afghanistan we have almost seen the last soldier rescue dog or cat from Afghanistan.

For 15 years we have been their lifeline rescuing over 1700 dogs and cats for soldiers from some of the most remote parts of Afghanistan. 

Nowzad arranged for the animal to safely travel to the Nowzad clinic where we then provided shelter for the animal as well as all the required vaccinations.

If the dog was travelling to Europe or the United Kingdom, then we also carry out the required blood tests for entry to those countries after the dog or cat has been vaccinated and micro-chipped. We spayed and neutered ALL rescues.
Our amazing family of supporters never ceased to amaze us how they rallied to reach the target necessary to transport the much loved dog or cat home to their new life.


Nowzad to-date has supported rescues from war zones in Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Syria and Libya and our rescued dogs and cat shave been rehomed in the USA, UK, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Jordan Thailand, Japan and South Africa.

Thank you!!!

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