Soldier rescues

Often when brave men and women are serving in a war zone they find themselves adopting one of the many stray dogs or cats that are struggling to survive there.

Who rescued who?

These soldiers are not only a salvation for the animal; the dog or cat are often described as 'lifelines' to their soldier, providing a respite from war, a moment of peace, home and love.

When the soldier's tour of duty comes to an end, it is unthinkable to leave their four legged comrade that they've bonded with, behind.

This is where we step in...

We arrange for the animal to safely get to the safety of the Nowzad clinic, we then provide shelter for the animal as well as vaccinations.

We also spay/neuter ALL rescues and provide any required medical attention.
Then, we carry out all necessary checks and paperwork to get the dog or cat to their loving forever home – wherever it is in the world.

Our amazing family of supporters never cease to amaze us how they rally to reach the target necessary to get the much loved dog or cat home to their new life.

War zone Rescues: Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Syria and Libya

Homecomings: USA, UK, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Jordan Thailand and South Africa.

To date we are proud to say that we have reunited over 1600 dogs or cats with the compassionate soldiers that have rescued them.

One of the most unexpected and wonderful things that we have achieved is that we have now had SEVEN rescued street dogs become fully fledged Service Dogs in the USA!

These dogs are now a much valued and loved lifeline to their veterans who are suffering from PTSD, and we have been told from their owners that the fact these dogs have endured a war zone only strengthens the connection and understanding.

We hope that this is only the beginning!

Service dog Hannah with Nate

Soldier rescues Soldier rescues Soldier rescues Soldier rescues