Our Clinic

The Nowzad ‘Conrad Lewis’ veterinary clinic is funded solely by your generous donations. We employ fully qualified Afghan national veterinarians who can now expertly perform major surgeries as required in the treatment of injured or ill animals. And we are  proud to say our staff include Afghan female veterinarians, which is a ground breaking accomplishment in Afghanistan.

These young women inspire a new generation to follow in their path.

The valuable skills employed by of our Nowzad veterinary team has saved the lives of countless animals which has included; amputations on dogs injured in road accidents, dentistry on cats with severe teeth decay, a tumour removal from a much loved soldier's dog and of course the constant need for neutering and spaying the stray dog and cat population whilst tackling the ever growing spread of rabies.

The Nowzad Conrad Lewis Clinic has been named in honour of Private Conrad Lewis of the Parachute Regiment who befriended and took care of an Afghan street dog named Peg. Pte Lewis was sadly killed in action in Helmand Province but Nowzad was able to ensure that Peg made the long journey to safety to live with Conrad’s family back in the UK. You can read more about Conrad’s story in our rescues section.

There is no prouder moment than when a caring Afghan brings a sick or injured animal into the Nowzad clinic because our message of compassion is spreading.

The Nowzad clinic now also provides practical 'hands-on' training to Kabul Veterinary University students on a weekly basis delivering much needed expert training, that otherwise would not be available to the students.

To continue to provide this lifeline to the dogs, cats and other animals of Kabul with no voice but ours your donation is vital. Please visit the Donation page to make a different TODAY!

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