Veterinarian Training

One day, we hope to have the funding required to have a clinic in every province in Afghanistan. But at this moment, Nowzad is but one veterinary facility in a vast and diverse country that is home to countless animals, who at some point in their lives, will need vaccinations, medication, treatment or care.  

So, in the meantime, how can we be there for them? 

The Nowzad clinic is based in Kabul, home to several veterinary education facilities and we are proud to say that we have partnered with these institutions, including the Kabul Veterinary University, to ensure that the future Veterinarians of Afghanistan receive essential training, so that animals all around Afghanistan will be treated proficiently and empathetically. 
With over an impressive ONE HUNDRED Veterinary Students annually enrolled in our Practical Training programme, it is always a challenge to juggle our daily animal welfare commitments with the demands of turning our clinic into a classroom whilst tending to our ‘walk-in’ clients.  
But, where there is a will there is a way and our staff do not let anything get in the way of providing much-needed education.  

So thanks to their determination and desire to share their extensive knowledge, the Afghan team do us proud every year with this ground-breaking initiative as they teach; physical dog and cat examinations, safe handling of animals, animal first aid, urine analysis, X-Rays and blood chemistry machine uses, the use of drugs, vaccinations and pre and post-operative actions and many more skills included in the carefully constructed syllabus. 

It is always a memorable sight, witnessing Veterinary Students handle a dog for the very first time, putting fear aside to realise that the dog understood basic commands, watching the fascination on a trainee Veterinarian’s face as a dog promptly sits when asked to. 

Our Veterinary Student education is the step needed to ensuring the next generation of Afghanistan’s veterinarians are being given real world experience – learning how to treat an animal efficiently and compassionately.  
A great deal of the training is carried out by our female Afghan Veterinarians, a rarity for a country often bound by out-dated traditional values. Those young men will go home and tell their mothers and sisters about our female veterinarians and the opportunities and accomplishments that young women in Afghanistan can achieve.  

Nowzad sadly does not receive any large-scale funding to deliver this training – it is all carried out thanks to the generous donations from you; our Nowzad family.  
If you would like to help ensure that the animals of Afghanistan have the support network of qualified veterinarians, please donate today and be a part of the future of valuable Veterinary knowledge in Afghanistan’s future. 

The Village Outreach Project

One of our most enjoyable and effective methods of education is our ‘Village Outreach’ project that we provide free of charge to local villages and communities.

We work with the village elders to arrange for our experienced veterinarians to visit their local area and vaccinate the animals – from donkeys to chickens we provide vaccinations no matter how big or small! 
It is always great fun to get the whole community engaged and we often enlist the children and young adults to provide assistance with some of the easier tasks so everyone is involved.

Importantly, we also teach the community basic animal welfare, husbandry and rabies prevention, something that is so desperately required but that most have never had access to. In poorer communities this is life changing information that the inhabitants are extremely grateful to receive.

Companion Animal and Rabies Prevention Education:

As living standards improve Afghan familes are now able to offer our neutered and vaccinated cats and dogs loving homes. So here at Nowzad we are advocating dogs and cats as lifelong pets and encourage local people to provide these wonderful animals with loving ‘forever homes’ which we mindfully supervise.

And of course we also offer veterinarian care to afghan-national owned pets in the Nowzad ‘Conrad Lewis’ veterinary clinic.

We engage with local schools and organisations to educate about animal welfare, promoting the humane treatment of animals and rabies prevention.

Rehoming an animal is always a joy – but rehoming within Afghanistan is ground-breaking.


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