The whole month of September is all about raising vital funds for Nowzad!

Nowzad has been hit hard with the Coronavirus pandemic halting fundraising events and shows worldwide – whilst stores and businesses have been sitting empty, sadly, so have our collection tins.

We are asking the amazing Nowzad Family to help us turn this around by using the whole month of September to raise funds that are desperately needed for our shelter, clinic and donkey sanctuary in Afghanistan.
To kick this off, we are reintroducing our hugely popular Walk2Nowzad event – anyone can do this anywhere in the world! Click here for more on Walk2Nowzad

Raising funds for Nowzad can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be – your only limitation is your imagination!

Other fundraising ideas could be…

  • ‘Give it up’ – Give up something for Nowzad, whether it’s a vice or your favourite thing – give it up for a week or month and donate the cost and/or get sponsored and support to give it up!
  • Sponsored event – head shave, leg wax, grow a beard or shave it off!, bike ride, exercise circuit – you never know, you might look and/or feel better for it!
  • Cake bake – put those new quarantine baking skills to the test and safely sell cakes for Nowzad – yum!
  • Dress down day – ask people to donate to wear casual clothes to work.  
  • Virtual Dinner Party/Tea party/ Movie night (you could even donate the cost of the cinema tickets and snacks!)
  • Virtual Pub Quiz – challenge friends and colleagues to a quiz and ask your local pub to run it.
  • Virtual Tournaments and Sweepstakes
  • Donate in lieu of a card or present – Birthday, Anniversary etc
  • Sell things for Nowzad on Ebay and Facebook – old furniture, clothes, books, DVDs, homemade crafts

Be sure to let us know how YOU decide to raise funds for Nowzad, so we can publicise your Nowztember event and maybe even inspire others to do the same!

Thank you so much, stay safe and don’t forget to have FUN whilst you’re FUNdraising for the animals of Afghanistan! 

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