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Nowzad Newsletter 2017 - a message from Pen F

A message from Pen. 

Education - it moulds us, changes us and forces us to consider things beyond our boundaries…educate enough people and it could change a community, a city, even a country…there are no limits to the impact education can have. 
Nowzad knows how important education is in improving Animal Welfare within Afghanistan, and throughout this newsletter you’ll see the various and diverse education programmes that the Nowzad Charity is carrying out to change Afghanistan for the better.  
The Nowzad Veterinary Team have been busy instructing hundreds of students from the Kabul Veterinary University in the practical treatment of animals, as well as imparting vital animal welfare education and services to the many migrant camps that lie around Kabul.
Hannah shares her experience visiting one such camp in the mission to give aid by educating the residents in basic welfare and treating the animals in their care and you can read more by clicking here

Nowzad’s humble beginnings launched from dog and cat rescues, but, over the years we couldn’t ignore the plight of working donkeys, many abandoned at the end of their brutal, working lives like trash.  
We soon realised that WE needed to be a driving force to promote welfare and care for the overburdened and underappreciated donkeys of Afghanistan.  
So, it is truly an honour to announce that Nowzad has just opened the FIRST EVER DONKEY SANCTUARY in Afghanistan!  
With that, we are launching our rather cheeky, but effective ‘A donkey shouldn’t work its ass off’ campaign’. By purchasing a ‘A donkey shouldn’t work its ass off’ t-shirt, you will provide funds to deliver life-changing welfare education to owners of working donkeys, as well as support to the Nowzad Donkey Sanctuary. 
Visit the Nowzad store TODAY to order one of these highly sought after tee shirts! 

For me, this is a special year to reflect on everything we all have achieved.  
An entire decade has gone by since I returned as a Royal Marine from my deployment to Afghanistan, bringing home the two Afghan dogs that had captured my heart and helped get me through some tough times. As you know, Nowzad is no longer with us, although his legacy lives on in the charity, but I’m pleased to say that Tali is as strong and determined now as she was back in 2006! For me she is the constant reminder of what Nowzad is all about. 

Fittingly, we have now changed our tag line. Nowzad - ‘Winning the War for Animals’ 

The Nowzad charity was born from war, and we will continue to fight to be there for the animals in Afghanistan. 

Without doubt, the Nowzad charity is one of the few positives to come from the years of conflict that has seen so many people sacrifice so much for.  
Our troops time in Afghanistan brought much needed security and opportunity, allowing Afghan women to be educated for the first time in decades. Our three female veterinarians are living proof of the good that has come from that.  

It also goes without saying that no matter how demanding things get, we are, and always will be, there for the soldiers who have the compassion and heart to rescue a dog or cat from the frontlines of Afghanistan and cannot bear to leave their battle buddy behind. 

The last year proved that Nowzad is needed now more than ever, as we battled against the worsening security situation that our team face on a daily basis.  
Sadly, in May this year, just one Taliban attack in Kabul left 150 people dead and 350 injured. Three of our team were just minutes away from the blast, on their way to collect cats for our TNVR (trap, neuter, vaccinate, return) programme.  
I know all of you will breathe a sigh of relief to hear they returned to the Nowzad clinic shaken but unscathed. Undeterred, they collected the cats the very next day.  

Nowzad has an amazing and unique initiative that we are so excited to share with you all! We are giving the amazing Nowzad Family the chance to not only help the animals of Afghanistan, but the people too…

In many Traditional Families in Afghanistan it is still unacceptable for women to work. So often, when a man dies, is incapacitated, or is unable to work for any reason, the women are forced on to the streets to beg. 
Kabul roadsides are scattered with these desperate women with no other choice but to plead for money from kind-hearted strangers to enable them to feed their family.

Nowzad is working to change that. Find out how by clicking here

To everybody who has donated, continues to donate and for all those who give up their time and energy to ensure our success as a charity, you have my utmost thanks, it is your support that is the lifeblood of animal welfare in Afghanistan.   
We will win this fight with you beside us. 

Nowzad Newsletter 2017 - a message from Pen F Nowzad Newsletter 2017 - a message from Pen F Nowzad Newsletter 2017 - a message from Pen F

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