SAC Fund

The Soldiers’ Animal Companions Fund was established in 2010 to promote the welfare and rescue of animals in war-torn Middle Eastern countries where our soldiers are stationed. These animals have often provided immeasurable comfort to those serving in harsh and extremely difficult situations.

Through the SAC Fund we strive to help those animals who’ve meant so much to our troops.

Soldiers’ Animal Companions Fund is a Donor Advised Fund, administered by Charities Aid Foundation America (CAFAmerica), a US 501c(3) public charity that specializes in the responsible oversight of global giving, American donors may claim the maximum tax benefits allowed by law for their contributions.

For more information about SAC Fund please go to

The money raised through this fund will go directly to Nowzad to assist with the costs involved in rescuing Soldiers Companion Animals

To donate specifically toward the rescue of a Soldiers Companion Animal please click the image below

To make a donation by check, please download the SAC Fund donation form here and send it with your check to the address provided on the form.

All donations received via SAC Fund will be used directly for the costs involved in rescuing Soldiers Animal Companions.