Our main priority is to attempt to re-home cats and dogs from our shelter in Kabul with caring homes in Afghanistan, however at times we do have a dog or cat that may have been looked after by a westerner working or serving in Afghanistan and a forever home in the west would be the best long term solution. Brin

An Afghan former street dog or cat will need a home where love and patience come hand in hand. It is a long road of trial and error and careful supervision, adopting an Afghan animal is not for everybody and requires a life time of commitment.

All our rescues are vaccinated, spayed and neutered at our clinic in Afghanistan.

At Nowzad we feel it is very important to place the right rescue with your family / home situation and we ask that you are fully honest with us when completing the home finding questionnaire. Most of our dogs or cats that need ‘forever’ homes do not readily accept other dogs already living in the home.

Our team has lived with Afghan rescues for many years and draw upon their experience to make the best decision for the benefit of the dog or cat – not the potential owner. But if you do adopt a Nowzad rescue then you can rest assured you are about to embark on many adventures together with your new four legged companion.

We ask that all potential owners of a Nowzad dog or cat commit to helping us raise the funds associated with bringing a dog or cat from Afghanistan to the west.

Home Finding Questionnaire »

If you think that you may be suitable and would be interested in adopting a Nowzad rescue then please click on the ‘Home Finding Questionnaire’ button to request a form.

Moosh has settled in well with his sister Ruby and the resident chickens! He loves to play ball and is developing into a confident and settled boy.
Bonnie & Jack
Bonnie and Jack are very loved and living in the UK. They are always up to something and make their new owners laugh every day!
Mango 1
Mango has certainly fallen on all four paws!  Living the good life and enjoying much love  and attention.
Khaki aka Batboy went home with three dogs who bonded with him straight away. Usually he can be found upside down, fast asleep after a very long walk!
Peggy UK
Tri-paw Peggy now lives on the Isle of Lewis and enjoys stunning views of the sea and vast beaches to run on. Such a lucky girl.
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