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BBC News – 26 Sept 2009

A stray puppy is enjoying a new life in the UK after being rescued from Afghanistan by a British soldier.
Cpl Ashley Phillips, 22, of the Royal Army Medical Corps, fell in love with Smudge at his base in Helmand province in September 2008…..

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Express & Echo – 03 Aug 2009

PEN Farthing and his troop of Royal Marines were sent to serve in southern Afghanistan.

Amid the chaos of war against the Taliban, he not only finds himself battling to keep the locals, his men and himself safe but is also confronted with the unexpected and heartbreaking situation of abandoned, brutalised, terrified and starving dogs invading the compound in search of food scraps and shelter to survive….

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Express & Star – 29 Apr 2009

A dog who was rescued from war-torn Iraq by a Black Country security worker has been found a new home.

Bandit spent six months in quarantine after being sent over to England by a 36-year-old Wednesbury woman, Louise Hastie……

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Herald Express – 26 Mar 2009

ERGEANT Paul ‘Pen’ Farthing will give a talk in Paignton about the life-changing events which led him to rescue endangered dogs from war-torn Afghanistan.

The marine of 42 Commando found a number of cross-breeds begging for food in Helmand Province, so he and his fellow troops took them in…….

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