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Nov 2011 My Fox Tampa Bay

With yelps and slobbery licks and kisses, some 14 dogs who began life as strays in Afghanistan were reunited Wednesday with the US service members who cared for them on the other side of the world.

“I’m going to take him to the park and let him run and run in the grass,” Zachary Henning said of his black and white charge, Gus, minutes after they reunited at JFK airport. “He’s never been in grass before.”

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July 2011 – BBC News

When Pte Conrad Lewis was killed in Afghanistan earlier this year, his family felt compelled to honour a wish he had made before he died.

While serving in Helmand province, Pte Lewis befriended a stray dog, Peg, which became a mascot for his company.

He had been hoping to bring the dog back to the UK at the end of his tour of duty.

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July 2011 ABC News

On Feb. 9, 2010, in the Helmand province of Afghanistan, a bullet shot from a Taliban sniper bounced off of Pvt. Lewis Henry and deflected onto his patrol companion, Pvt. Conrad Lewis from the 4th Battalion, Parachute Regiment.

Lewis, 22, was killed instantly.

“He was bloody unlucky,” said Lewis’ father, Antony Lewis, from Warwickshire, England.

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July 2011 – Waupaca Now

On a military base in Afghanistan, five puppies provided a bit of comfort to five U.S. Marines.

Today, all of those puppies are in the U.S., and one of them is in Waupaca.

Rosie is the name of the puppy now living here with Brian and Bonnie Anderson.

“My son said Rosie won the puppy lottery,” Bonnie said.

Last December, her son, a U.S. Marine, was on his second deployment in Afghanistan when a dog snuck onto the base and soon gave birth to five puppies.

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Feb 2011 Wall Street Journal

Cathy Kangas wants to help stray and abandoned animals in Afghanistan.

To that end, the animal activist and founder of beauty-products company PRAI is giving $55,000 to rescue neglected dogs through Nowzad Dogs, a grass-roots animal-rescue organization started by former marine sergeant Pen Farthing.

The gift is through Beauty with a Cause, an organization that helps animal-welfare organizations around the world funded through a percentage of her company’s profits.

Ms. Kangas happened upon Nowzad dogs after reading “One Dog at a Time: Saving the Strays of Afghanistan,” by Mr. Farthing, who in 2007 began rescuing stray dogs used for Afghan dog-fighting while he was serving in Afghanistan in the United Kingdom’s Royal Marine Commando.

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Dec 2010 Seattle Kennel Club Reports on Kaiah

When John Steele decided on a name for his Afghan rescue German shepherd mix puppy Kaiah in September, he merged two distinct and contrasting components — the site of the first base (Kabul) he frequented  in the mountainous, war-torn Southcentral Asian country with the a Hawaiian name (Native American origin) meaning “rare beauty.”

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Dec 2010 A great piece on REORG

Remember our little chap Reorg?  Well he got released from quarantine in October 2010 and this great news story was done about him.

30 Nov 2010 – WCAX News

Staff Sgt. Steve DePalma returned home from his tour in Afghanistan one week ago. Since then, he says he has spent most of his time with his wife, Nancy, and their pets– especially the most recent animal addition to the family; their dog, Connie, who Sgt. DePalma rescued while serving overseas.

“She was my battle buddy in Afghanistan and I brought her home with me,” he said.

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Pen on Warp Radio

Pen did an interview on Warp Radio’s Animals Today show recently.

For those of you that missed it you can hear it now by clicking the Warp Radio icon below

29 September 2010 York Daily Record

Sgt. Pen Farthing went to the Middle East a soldier and came home a savior.

For all the fighting Farthing was sent to do, it was playing peacemaker that changed his life forever. A member of the British Royal Marines, Farthing, now 41, was deployed to the town of Now Zad in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan in November 2006. One day near his compound, he saw two dogs fighting and went over to break it up. Little did he expect that one of the dogs in the fight would become a dear friend.

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Interview with Pen on King 5 New Day

Pen has recently gone on tour in the USA to promote the book ‘One Dog at a Time’ and to promote the work of Nowzad in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Watch the video of the super interview on King 5′s New Day below.

Brin having fun in Quarantine

Brin arrived safely in UK quarantine early in Sept 2010.  Here you can see a short video of him playing with his toys.

06 July 2010 – Daily Mirror – Brin

A hero stray dog who saved the lives of British troops has been rescued from the Taliban in a daring raid by Afghan commandos.

Brin the Afghan hound was adopted by Coldstream Guards and handed over to Gurkha Rifles troops after wandering on to their base several months ago.

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