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Sockets was rescued by a contractor in Gardez.  he had spotted her on the base as a tiny kitten and noticed that she had no eyes.  Worried about how she would cope in the Afghan winter on a base with lots of other cats around and limited food supplies to be found the contractor soon took her in.

Sockets grew stronger and became very attached to the contractor then shortly before he went home on leave word came that Sockets had to be removed from base.  Some quick planning followed and Sockets arrived at the nowzad clinic just after Christmas 2013.

Sockets was immediately loved by all at the shelter, she was the most sweet and gentle cat we had come across.  Dr Susan came and saw her and examined her and it was decided that we needed to close up the sockets where her eyes should have been to prevent future problems.

Sockets never had any issues at all finding her way around and getting what she wanted but after her surgery she struggled for a while as we had to shave off her whiskers as part of prep for surgery.  The whiskers eventually grew back and Sockets became her usual adventurous self and the time had come to let her go home to her owner.

Sockets flew home to America in March 2014 and her family reports she is as intrepid as ever and everyone she meets falls in love with her.

Panda Japan


Panda came to the nowzad shelter in Nov 2013.  He had been rescued by an NGO worker a few years before and she now wanted to take him home to Japan.  Panda was to be the first animal we had sent to Japan!

Panda was the most laid back dog ever and he quickly established a routine of eating and sleeping and coming for cuddles when he wanted them.  Unfortunately a few weeks after he arrived Panda started to have seizures, we were not overly worried at first as his owner had mentioned this happened from time to time but this time was different, despite giving him all of the available medications for seizures they just continued for 8 days straight.  We finally managed to break the seizure cycle but Panda was deaf, blind and unable to walk.

Dr Susan came to see Panda and it was determined that although he was not very well following an exhausting week that we needed to keep him comfortable and monitor him for a while longer.  A miracle prevailed and within a few days Panda had started to improve, he wanted to eat and he could now see and hear again but he was very unsteady on his feet.  We kept going and a few weeks later Panda was back to his normal self, the transformation was incredible.

Once we were happy that the seizures were under control we started planning with his owner to send him home to Japan where he could undergo further medical tests to establish the cause of his seizures.

In March 2014 the day came for Panda to leave us and head home to Japan.  We were sad to see him go and we will not forget this little dog who was so ill but overcame the odds to make it home!



Toast was rescued by an American soldier in Southern Afghanistan around Christmas 2013.  He was a tiny little dot of a pup but he had a huge personality and the soldier knew he wanted to take the little guy home.

He arrived at the shelter early in January 2014 and he only weighed in at around 1.5kg.  We quickly set to work feeding him up to ensure he grew strong and healthy.  Due to him being so young he was going to have to stay with us for a few months until he was old enough to travel.

He quickly made himself at home with us and we soon discovered the cheeky personality this pup had!  He threw himself all over the place playing with the older dogs and had no issues in letting us know when he wanted something.

March 2014 came and Toast was finally old enough to go home to his soldiers family where he has now also shown them just what a cheeky boy he is!



Pootie arrived with us from Helmand Province in January 2014.  She endured a long truck journey and then a flight and also a little stressed when he arrived he soon settled down after some cuddles from the nowzad staff.

Pootie received all his vaccinations and microchip and a clean bill of health so all that was left was the 30 day wait before he could fly home to his owner in America.

In March 2014 Pootie was reunited with his owner in the USA

Wolverine 2


Wolverine arrived at the nowzad shelter with his mom and siblings in August 2013.  He and his family had been rescued by British soldiers on a base in Kabul and they desperately needed our help.  Wolverines mom, Naswari Sag was terribly underweight as she had lost so much weight feeding her litter of 7 pups, she was extremely relieved to be with us and quickly learned that she and her pups would never go hungry again.

Wolverine was immediately offered a home with one of the soldiers who had first rescued them but he was so young it was going to be a further 6 months before he would be old enough to go home to his soldier in the UK.

Wolverine grew quickly and passed his FAVN test and in March 2014 he was finally reunited with his soldier in the UK



Thatcher arrived at the nowzad clinic in Oct 2013.  She had been adopted from a base in Helmand province and her owner wanted her to go home to the UK to experience the good life.

Thatcher arrived all the way from Helmand on a flight on a chilly autumn day.  Despite her journey she was in good spirits and settled in quickly.  She had already been spayed on base so all that we needed to do was ensure she was properly vaccinated and microchipped and then perform FAVN testing so that she could enter the UK without quarantine.

Once her FAVN test was done and she passed Thatcher remained with us for 3 months before she was able to enter the UK and in March 2014 we were able to reunite her with her owner.

Noel 30 Dec 14


Noel arrived at the shelter on Christmas Day 2014.  We had received a call from a supporter in Kabul telling us about a young friendly dog with a broken leg who was on the streets.

We immediately stopped what we were doing and went out to collect Noel and bring him to the warmth and safety of the Nowzad clinic.

Sadly Noels leg was too badly broken for us to fix it so just as soon as he was strong enough he underwent surgery to amputate the leg.  As soon as this was done Noel came on in leaps and bounds, he may have only had 3 legs but this stopped him from doing nothing!

In Feb 2014 nowzad supporter Dan came to the shelter for a week and immediately fell in love with Noel.  Dan already had 2 nowzad rescues, Akifa and Shash but he desperately wanted to find a home for Noel so he put word out amongst his friends and soon one of them offered Noel a loving forever home.

In March 2014 Noel took the long flight to America and his new home.

Barney 2


Barney was rescued by Pen at the end of summer 2013.  Pen had seen a tiny pup running up and down a very busy road and he just knew it would end badly for the pup if he didn’t step in.

Pen arrived back at the Nowzad clinic with the pup who quickly became known as Barney.  He grew strong and healthy and by early 2014 he was ready for adoption.

Word went out that Barney needed a new loving home and a Nowzad supporter who already has a Nowzad dog called Brando stepped up and offered Barney a home.  Brando was in need of some company and Barney looked like he would be a good fit.

At the end of March 2014 we were able to send Barney to America where he met his new mom and his brother Brando.  Barney settled in quickly and he and Brando are now the best of friends.

foto 1-2


Nala was rescued by an Italian pilot in Western Afghanistan.  He had taken care of her for the duration of his tour but now it was time for him to go home and he wanted to take Nala with him.

She arrived with us at the shelter in Oct 2013 and had to stay with us for several months whilst we did the required blood tests for her to go to Italy.

In Feb 14 her funds were in place and she had passed her blood tests and we sent her home to a new life in Italy.

Goldi 1


Goldi cat arrived from Helmand Province in Dec 2013.  An American soldier had befriended her and wanted to take her home and give her the life she deserved.

Goldi received her vaccinations and was spayed before we were able to send her home to America in Feb 2014.

Trying  to Escape

Socks, Boots, Big Boy and Tiger

These 4 lovely kittens were rescued by a contractor working at ISAF.  The kittens were already known to us here at nowzad as we had provided their vaccinations and spayed/neutered them previously.

The contractor who had grown so fond of them wanted to send them to his home in Belgium so we did the required blood work and then started fundraising for them.

In Feb 14 we had raised enough funding to send them home to Belgium.


Kitty in Kuwait

Shortly after we rescued Logan in Kuwait we received an email from another soldier based in Kuwait who had befriended a cat on base.

The cat had been caught in a humane trap and the soldier thought it had been taken away to be euthanized but with help from Karen we were able to speak to the base vet who spayed and vaccinated Kitty and then Karen went and collected her and took her to her home until she was ready to go home to America.

Kitty went home in Feb 14.

Logan having fun playing

Logan in Kuwait

In Dec 2013 we received an email from a soldier based in Kuwait who had befriended a cat on base and the cat had been injured fighting with another cat.  The soldier was frantic and not sure what to do as base policy did not allow soldiers to keep pets.

Fortunately we were able to arrange with long time friend of nowzad, Karen who lived in Kuwait to speak to the base vet and get Logan treated and then collected and taken to her home where she cared for Logan until it was time for him to go home to his soldier in America.

Logan was sent home in Jan 14.



Howard was sent to the nowzad shelter in Oct 2013 by his British soldier.  His soldier was at the end of his tour and wanted to take Howard home to the UK.

Howard arrived at the clinic and gave us all a bit of a scare when he had managed to escape from his box on the journey and we could not find him anywhere in the vehicle!  30 minutes later we spotted his tail hanging from beneath the steering wheel and we ended up having to dismantle the entire dashboard to get him out.

Howard settled in quickly and passed his blood test for entry to the UK and in Feb 14 we flew him home to be reunited with his soldier.

photo 2


Charlie was found by an Afghan  Army Commander who was on patrol with American soldiers in Logar.  He saw Charlie and immediately declared he did not look like a local dog and was far from home and then asked an American soldier on the patrol if she would like him.

The soldier bonded with Charlie immediately and knew she just had to make sure this mischievous pup made it home to America with her.

Charlie arrived with us in Dec 13 and we sent him home to his soldier in Feb 14



Wallace came to us from Helmand province in Sept 2013.  She had been adopted by a British Contractor who was nearing the end of her time in Afghanistan and desperately wanted to take Wallace home.

Wallace was already spayed so we just needed to get her vaccines sorted out and blood tests for entry to the UK.

We were able to send Wallace home to her owner in Feb 2014 after she had completed the mandatory waiting time after her blood tests.



We had rescued Solo from a site near the USA Embassy in 2012.  She was around 4 months old and very very shy.  We worked with Solo to overcome her fears and although she remained a little shy she grew to be a very affectionate and loving dog.

We wanted nothing more than to see Solo settled in a home with her own family where she would be loved for the rest of her life.

In Feb 2014 we transported Solo to the UK to prepare to be rehomed.  Solo has now found her forever home.



Bear was found in Western Afghanistan by an American contractor in Dec 2013.  He was incredibly Tiny and would not have survived the harsh winter if he had not been picked up.

Almost immediately that he got him Bears owner knew he wanted to take him home to the USA and shortly before Christmas 2013 Bear or Tiny Bear as he became known arrived safely at the shelter.

Bear stayed with us until he was old enough to make the journey home to America in Feb 2014.



Willy came to us from a local vet clinic in spring 2013.  He was suffering a bad injury on his nose which had left a hole in the top of his nose that would not close.

Dr Mohammad from Mayhew was visiting at the time so he and our own Dr Hadi took Willy into surgery and were able to close the wound on his nose.  The wound healed well and Willy proved to us that he was just the most mild mannered and gentle boy he just had to find a new home.

A lady in the UK who had previously worked in Kabul heard about Willy and offered him a home in the UK and in early Jan 14 we were able to send Willy to a very loving home where he would get the life he deserved.



Tinkerbell arrived with us in Nov 2013.  She had already been a patient in the clinic when we had spayed her and done her vaccinations but her owner was moving to a new camp where he could not take her with him.

Tinkerbell stayed with us until Jan 2014 when we sent her home to her family in America.