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Nala was rescued by an Italian pilot in Western Afghanistan.  He had taken care of her for the duration of his tour but now it was time for him to go home and he wanted to take Nala with him.

She arrived with us at the shelter in Oct 2013 and had to stay with us for several months whilst we did the required blood tests for her to go to Italy.

In Feb 14 her funds were in place and she had passed her blood tests and we sent her home to a new life in Italy.

Goldi 1


Goldi cat arrived from Helmand Province in Dec 2013.  An American soldier had befriended her and wanted to take her home and give her the life she deserved.

Goldi received her vaccinations and was spayed before we were able to send her home to America in Feb 2014.

Trying  to Escape

Socks, Boots, Big Boy and Tiger

These 4 lovely kittens were rescued by a contractor working at ISAF.  The kittens were already known to us here at nowzad as we had provided their vaccinations and spayed/neutered them previously.

The contractor who had grown so fond of them wanted to send them to his home in Belgium so we did the required blood work and then started fundraising for them.

In Feb 14 we had raised enough funding to send them home to Belgium.


Kitty in Kuwait

Shortly after we rescued Logan in Kuwait we received an email from another soldier based in Kuwait who had befriended a cat on base.

The cat had been caught in a humane trap and the soldier thought it had been taken away to be euthanized but with help from Karen we were able to speak to the base vet who spayed and vaccinated Kitty and then Karen went and collected her and took her to her home until she was ready to go home to America.

Kitty went home in Feb 14.

Logan having fun playing

Logan in Kuwait

In Dec 2013 we received an email from a soldier based in Kuwait who had befriended a cat on base and the cat had been injured fighting with another cat.  The soldier was frantic and not sure what to do as base policy did not allow soldiers to keep pets.

Fortunately we were able to arrange with long time friend of nowzad, Karen who lived in Kuwait to speak to the base vet and get Logan treated and then collected and taken to her home where she cared for Logan until it was time for him to go home to his soldier in America.

Logan was sent home in Jan 14.



Howard was sent to the nowzad shelter in Oct 2013 by his British soldier.  His soldier was at the end of his tour and wanted to take Howard home to the UK.

Howard arrived at the clinic and gave us all a bit of a scare when he had managed to escape from his box on the journey and we could not find him anywhere in the vehicle!  30 minutes later we spotted his tail hanging from beneath the steering wheel and we ended up having to dismantle the entire dashboard to get him out.

Howard settled in quickly and passed his blood test for entry to the UK and in Feb 14 we flew him home to be reunited with his soldier.

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Charlie was found by an Afghan  Army Commander who was on patrol with American soldiers in Logar.  He saw Charlie and immediately declared he did not look like a local dog and was far from home and then asked an American soldier on the patrol if she would like him.

The soldier bonded with Charlie immediately and knew she just had to make sure this mischievous pup made it home to America with her.

Charlie arrived with us in Dec 13 and we sent him home to his soldier in Feb 14



Wallace came to us from Helmand province in Sept 2013.  She had been adopted by a British Contractor who was nearing the end of her time in Afghanistan and desperately wanted to take Wallace home.

Wallace was already spayed so we just needed to get her vaccines sorted out and blood tests for entry to the UK.

We were able to send Wallace home to her owner in Feb 2014 after she had completed the mandatory waiting time after her blood tests.



We had rescued Solo from a site near the USA Embassy in 2012.  She was around 4 months old and very very shy.  We worked with Solo to overcome her fears and although she remained a little shy she grew to be a very affectionate and loving dog.

We wanted nothing more than to see Solo settled in a home with her own family where she would be loved for the rest of her life.

In Feb 2014 we transported Solo to the UK to prepare to be rehomed.  Solo has now found her forever home.



Bear was found in Western Afghanistan by an American contractor in Dec 2013.  He was incredibly Tiny and would not have survived the harsh winter if he had not been picked up.

Almost immediately that he got him Bears owner knew he wanted to take him home to the USA and shortly before Christmas 2013 Bear or Tiny Bear as he became known arrived safely at the shelter.

Bear stayed with us until he was old enough to make the journey home to America in Feb 2014.