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Madre 1


Madre was a long time resident of the ISAF cat colony in Kabul.  She had been born on ISAF and provided comfort to many of the soldiers and contractors on the base.

We had been taking care of Madre’s medical needs for a couple of years when we got the call to say that Madre had finally managed to work her way into the heart of a contractor based there and he wanted to take her home.

We quickly started fundraising for Madre and had her brought to the clinic where she would remain until it was time to go home to America.

Madre was a beautiful gentle cat who got on well with all the other cats and enjoyed the company of the nowzad vets.  In March 2015 we were able to send her to her new life in America.

Madre 1 Madre

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Ruby was a kitten on the streets of Kabul when a Canadian research took her in one night when Ruby found herself sitting outside the window crying for attention,

She quickly grew to love her new owner and she was brought into the nowzad clinic for shots and to be spayed.  Her owner was soon making plans to take Ruby home to Canada and called us to ask for help as she was traveling around Afghanistan a lot and was worried that Ruby would wander out of the garden and house and get lost.

In March 2015 we were able to put Ruby on a flight to Canada where she now resides making everyone she meets fall in love with her.

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Schwarma was born in Herat, Western Afghanistan.  She was born on a military base where she befriended and American working there.  Schwarma was very loving and her owner was concerned about her being left behind or not being able to get her out in time to make sure she did not breed.

Her owner found out about nowzad and contacted us and we immediately agreed that we would help to get Scwharma home to America.

Schwarma arrived on a fight into Kabul in January 2015 and Pen went and collect her and got her settled into the clinic.  Once she had been vaccinated and spayed she as introduced to other cats and she loved spending her days playing with them.

Her time to be reunited with her owner in America came in March 2015.

Scwharma USA schwarma

Wolfie ISAF


Wolfie came into the nowzad clinic from ISAF as a tiny kitten in October 2014.  She had been adopted by a contractor from Iceland who wanted to take her home but she was too young to travel and she was worried that Wolfie would not last the winter outside.

Wolfie was an instant hit in the clinic, she loved all other cats and adored people.  She was going to be spending several months with us until she was old enough to meet Icelandic requirements for entry.

Finally the day came for Wolfie to be returned to her owner at ISAF and to begin the journey to Iceland as hand carried baggage via Turkey and Germany.  Wolfie arrived in Iceland and after a short spell in quarantine she was finally home with her owner.


Molly Cat

Molly was born and raised on an ISAF base in Kabul.  She befriended an American contractor who lived in Thailand  who decided that when it was time for him to leave and go home to Thailand he would take Molly with him.

She came to stay at the nowzad clinic until she was ready for transport.  Molly was a shy cat who did not really enjoy the company of other cats and was not too thrilled about us either!

In Feb 2015 her owner was ready to make the journey to Thailand with Molly so we took her to him on base and he prepared to take her home as hand carried baggage.  Molly was thrilled to be back with her owner and a few days later she made the journey home to Thailand with her owner.



Benson was brought into the clinic in Feb 2014 by and Afghan man who had found him injured in the street.

On arrival Benson had a nasty wound on his stomach, probably from getting caught in razor wire.  The Afghan man who brought him in was not able to offer him a home as he had got cats and did not want to upset them by bringing a dog home so Benson stayed with us at the nowzad clinic.

Benson grew into a fairly substantial sized dog and in January 2015 an American contractor who was getting ready to leave country saw he was available for adoption and stepped up and offered him a home.

In Feb 2015 in conjunction with No Dog Gets Left Behind his funds were raised and he went to his new home in America where he lives a very privileged life.

Star USA


Star came to the Nowzad shelter in summer 2013 with her mother, Naswari Sag and her siblings.  Naswari had her pups on a base where British soldiers worked in Kabul and she was painfully thin and struggling to feed her litter of 7 pups.

Mom and pups were all treated and they grew strong and healthy very quickly and in autumn 2014 a USA supporter saw Star on our adoptions page and offered her a home.

Star flew to America in Feb 2015 and although she was painfully shy when she arrived she soon started to trust her new family and is now a much loved member of the family.



Kaih was born at an ISAF base in Kabul towards the end of summer 2014.  His mom took good care of him and his 3 siblings and in Nov 2014 all 4 dogs came into the nowzad clinic under our Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, Release program.

All 4 pups and mom were healthy and they were vaccinated and prepared for release into the area we had taken them from when one of the contractors that had alerted us to them stepped up and offered Kaih a home.

We had almost raised all of his funds when sadly his contractor contacted us to tell us her circumstances had changed and she could not take Kaih after all.  He had been with us for a while by this point so putting him back outside the base with his mom and siblings was not an option so he went up for adoption and very soon a family in America offered him a home.

In Feb 2015 Kaih flew to America to his new family and a new name, Jackson.  We keep an eye on his mom and siblings and all are still doing well near the entrance to the base where the guards feed them and look out for them.



Leisha is the mother of Monkey who was adopted by a US Contractor from ISAF in Dec 2014.  Not wanting to leave Leisha behind and alone the same contractor decided that she was also able to offer Leisha a home in America.

Leisha came into the nowzad clinic and received a full clean bill of health and she stayed with us until Feb 2015 when she was sent to her home in America and reunited with Monkey.

Laisha Leisha USA 1 Leisha USA


Teddy and Eugene

Teddy and Eugene were adopted by a US Embassy worker in Kabul.  She came across them in her final weeks in Kabul and bonded with them and despite the fact she had already taken 2 cats home just 3 months earlier she committed to giving Eugene and Teddy a home as well.

They came and stayed with us at the nowzad clinic for a few months whilst funds were raised and in Feb 2015 we were able to send them home to America.