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In March 2015 we were approached by a former military dog handler about a dog called Eggy that he had worked with whilst serving in Afghanistan.  The handler had long since left Afghanistan but he had never forgotten Eggy and had made it his life’s mission to find her and be reunited with her.

He had managed to locate Eggy and she was ready for retirement so his chance to once again be with Eggy had come.  Eggy had to go through the long process of FAVN blood tests and 3 months waiting time before she could be reunited with her handler in Spain so in this time No Dog Gets Left Behind partnered with Nowzad and raised the funds to be able to reunite Eggy with her handler when the time came.

In June 2015 the time came for Eggy to go home to the handler who had never forgotten about her.  Her handler was hugely excited at the thought of seeing Eggy again, to hear him talk on the phone was quite an emotional experience and we just knew that we had made his dreams come true.

Eggy is now in Spain and both dog and handler were thrilled to be reunited.

Jess 1


Jess first came into the nowzad clinic late in 2012, she had been found in the street by a contractor working in Kabul, her back leg was broken and she was far to young to be alone in the streets.  We got her all fixed up and she went to live with her contractor.

In 2013 her contractors circumstances changed and both Jess and her owner came to stay with us at the clinic for a while.  Late in 2013 Jess owner found a new job that meant she had to go and live at another place but was not allowed to take Jess with her.  Heartbreaking as it was for her owner the decision was made to let us find Jess a new home outside Afghanistan, she had no one who could take care of Jess if she went back to the UK and her new job meant she would be traveling more and would not have the time to spend with Jess.

Early in 2015 a visitor to the clinic fell in love with Jess and after discussion with his wife back home in Spain he came to tell us he would like to offer Jess a home with his family in Spain.

We got Jess prepared with her blood test etc for entry to the EU and in June 2015 Jess flew with her new owner to meet the rest of the family in Spain.  She has fitted right in with her new family who also happen to have lots of other dogs!

BLue Kabul


Blue came into the Nowzad shelter as part of a TNVR initiative at EUPOL HQ in Kabul.  She had her vaccinations and was spayed but something about her just told us we needed to hold onto her and find her the perfect family.  She was the most beautiful shade of Blue and was the gentlest cat we had ever encountered so there was no way we could let her go back out to live life as a feral cat.

Blue settled into life in the cattery very quickly and she just became more loving by the day until early in 2015 when she was found a forever home in the UK.

Blue travelled to the UK in June 2015.



Pash came in by way of a British Firefighter working on a base in Kabul training and mentoring Afghan Firefighters.

He and his siblings had been born on the base and one by one his siblings disappeared but Pash stayed around.  One day he showed up with what appeared to be a dislocated shoulder and wounds from being attacked by another cat.  Sadly he was still very feral at this stage and no one could catch him to help him and as the winter went on he got thinner and thinner and there was concern that he just would not make it.  Thankfully as he grew weaker he also got easier to get up close to and eventually he bonded with the British firefighter and the 2 became a team.

In Jan 2015 Pash was brought over to the nowzad clinic where he would stay whilst we made him healthy again and prepared him for the trip home to the UK and his new family.

In June 2015 Pash was finally ready to go home and we were able to reunite him with his saviour from Kabul.



Dennis is another one of the fabulous cats from the British Embassy who managed to worm his way into the heart of one of the ladies who worked there.

Dennis had a good life at the Embassy, kind supporters would send in treats for him and the other Embassy Cats.

He came into the shelter originally as part of the TNVR program at the Embassy so he was vaccinated and fixed so all that remained was for his funds to be raised and his legally required blood test and wait time.

In June 2015 Dennis made the long journey home to his family in the UK.



Hammie was born and raised on ISAF HQ in Kabul.  She had provided years of love and cuddles for soldiers and contractors living on the base and then one day one of those contractors decided to go the extra mile and offer Hammie a home in the USA.

Hammie came into the nowzad clinic whilst we raised her funds and in May 2015 we were able to send her home to a new life in America.

Fluffy Kabul


Fluffy was born on the streets of Kabul in Summer 2013.  We had just moved into the new nowzad clinic when we received a call from a Canadian NGO that had found a litter of pups next to their dead mother and they were only days old.

The pups were brought in and we started the long hard task of hand feeding and trying to keep them alive.  All of the pups thrived except Fluffy, she took twice as long to feed as the other pups did and she did not eat as much as they did either.  We persevered and Fluffy gradually started to catch up with her siblings and became easier to feed.

All of the pups in the litter survived and grew to be normal playful pups under the watchful eye of Buster and Foxy in the nowzad clinic garden.

Early in 2015 Fluffy was offered a home with a nowzad supporter in the UK.  In May 2015 we had reached her funding target and she had undergone the blood test and wait time required for EU entry without quarantine and she came to the UK to meet her new family.  It has taken a while for Fluffy to find her feet and really start to settle but she got there in the end and is now a very happy dog who adores her new family.

Gary Kabul


Gary was a cat that had been born on the British Embassy Compound in Kabul.  He had already been to nowzad as part of a TNVR initiative.

In early 2015 a British soldier serving in Kabul came across Gary on the Embassy compound and it was love at first sight! Gary soon found himself being showered with love and treats and it was a foregone conclusion that he would be heading to the UK to join his soldier once the required blood test and waiting time had passed.

In May 2015 we were able to reunite Gary with his soldier in the UK.



Ghulab came to live with us in Dec 2013.  He had almost fallen foul of a dog on the compound of a nowzad supporter in Kabul.  Fortunately he was spotted on the compound before the dogs got him and he was quickly brought over to the nowzad clinic where he grew to be a lovely well adjusted boy who loved the company of people and other cats alike.

Early in 2015 a nowzad supporter in the UK stepped up and offered Ghulab a home.  In May 2015 we sent Ghulab home to his new family in the UK where he has settled in as part of the family and loves his new life.

Ghulab-1 Ghulab

Ziggy and Pups

Ziggy, Frank, Jane and Sam

In Feb 2015 Guardians of Rescue alerted us to an American soldier in Kabul who had been trying his best to look out for a female dog and her pups near to the mountains outside the base.  One by one the pups were disappearing so the soldier has asked for help in getting them to safety and once they were old enough sending them to America.

Guardians of Rescue quickly got their fundraising all sorted out and Dr Hadi and Dr Mujtaba embarked on a mission to try and find mom and pups on the mountain based on descriptions given to us by the soldier!

The mom and 3 remaining pups were quickly located and brought into the nowzad clinic.  Mom and 2 of the pups had the most amazing eyes….

Mom became known as Ziggy in tribute to Ziggy Stardust, one male pup became Frank as in ‘old blue eyes’  the other male pup was Sam and the female pup was Jane.

Ziggy had an old injury on her foot, her toe was broken but with pain relief and rest it improved massively over the next few weeks and we did not have to amputate her toe.  The pups all grew into healthy rambunctious pups.

In May 2015 the pups were finally old enough to be transported to the USA and the soldier that had first raised the alert about them.